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Is Fu Lian 3 Kamala dead? Is Fu Lian 3 mieba Kamala in love with her father and daughter

Is Fu Lian 3 Kamala dead? Is Fu Lian 3 mieba Kamala in love with her father and daughter "Avenger alliance 3" kills his daughter KAMORA, which is cruel and helpless. Is there a father daughter relationship between mieba and Kamila?

In the Avengers alliance, xingjue and other collectors were found and tortured. Camorra's surprise attack was successful. But everything is the illusion of the real gem. Kill the bully and take KAMORA. The rest go to Titan.

Mieba asks camora where the soul gem is. He threatens the life of the nebula. Camora takes mieba to find it. Come to the planet where the precious stones are stored, and meet the red skull. The red skull tells the soul destroyer that the precious stones need to kill their favorite people.

Kill KAMORA. The dream of exterminating tyrants is to kill the general population of the universe, so that the resources of the universe can enable the remaining people to live a high-quality life. The person that mieba loves most is camora. According to the original plan, camora will take over his class.

In the last part of the film, it seems that there was carmulla in his childhood. Carmulla asked: did you succeed. Mieba: successful. Kamala: what's the price? Mieba is crying: everything.

And mieba is a strict father in comics and movies. Even mieba had expected that carmulla would die one day. Even when carmulla was a child, he trained carmulla to face his own death.

In the cartoon, Kamala is still a girl. She defeated all the challengers. On the ship lies a fallen body. 'can we finish today? "Father" carmulla asked to kill the bully. Kill bully and respond directly 'no, next! '

At this time, there was a killer in a black tights. Kamala is about to fight the killer.

After three or five rounds, Camorra was defeated. The killer in the black tights cut off carmulla's head directly.

The head that fell on the ground turned into a scrooge. The killer in the black tights takes off his head cover. It turns out that the killer is the real Kamila.

'can we finish today? Father's real Kamila asked mieba again, and his eyes were full of helplessness and helplessness. To this end, the answer of exterminating hegemony is still very firm: No, the next one!

"Greatness" may refer to mieba's deep love for carmulla's father and daughter. Full of expectation and longing, but this kind of love is distorted;

"Terrifying" means, of course, the means of annihilating tyrants and completely ignoring life. In order to cultivate her daughter's fighting ability and make her face her own death, she adopted this wonderful training method.