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How much money did the senior boys get into the campus loan? How terrible was the campus loan

Original title: Senior boy trapped in school loan black hole mother borrowed money to sell homestead and raised 210000 yuan is still not enough to repay

With more than a month to go, 23-year-old Xiao Xie will graduate from college. In the past six months, he will collapse. All of this comes from the campus loan & hellip;

College students loan 61 times in 22 months

Xiaoxie's family is in Ankang rural area. His mother brought him up with his brother. She had hoped that he could find a suitable job after he graduated from university and lighten the burden on his family. But now I have sold all the homesteads built for my brother, and I can't fill in the "black hole" caused by the campus loan. From October last year to now, he has paid more than 210000 yuan in total, which is still less than 50000 yuan, and the 50000 yuan is still generating interest on a weekly basis.

'it's all my fault that I don't have any consciousness at all, so that I finally sink deeper and deeper. When Xiaoxie went to university, the family was in hard conditions. The tuition fee of 6000 yuan was for student loan. The cost of living is that his mother calls him every month. In the second semester of sophomore year, living expenses were tight. Xiaoxie saw some advertisements about campus loan from the Internet. The most important thing was that the loan could be repaid in installments. So he downloaded the app of campus loan according to the prompts on the advertisement, provided the personal information such as his ID card and student card to the other party, and the other party quickly printed the 1000 yuan loan into his designated bank account.

As for the time and purpose of the first loan, Xiaoxie said he had no impression at all. According to his personal credit report, he had 61 repayment records from March 2016 to January 2018. 'every repayment record means a loan'. The first loan was settled on March 25, 2016. According to the credit report, Longqing branch of Harbin Bank provided him with a personal consumption loan of 1100 yuan.

Since then, Xie has made three or four loans every month, ranging from 200 yuan to 4000 yuan. "Sometimes the loan can't be repaid in time, so he has to borrow Dongqiang to pay for Xiqiang. 'the largest number of loans to Xiaoxie is Longqing branch of Harbin Bank, with more than 40 times, followed by financial institutions such as China Foreign Economic and Trade Trust Co., Ltd. and Gome small loan Co., Ltd.

On June 28, 2017, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) issued a message that the CBRC, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of human resources and Social Security jointly issued a notice requiring all online loan institutions to suspend the online loan business of college students and to clarify the withdrawal schedule. On September 6, 2017, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to make it clear that 'Campus loan business is banned, and no online loan institution is allowed to issue loans to college students. The bank has closed the 'front door' for providing credit services to students, while various loan apps have opened the 'side door' for students. The next offline private loan made Xiaoxie unable to turn over.

The annual interest rate of offline private loans is up to 1560%

Offline private loan refers to private lending institutions and lenders, commonly known as usury. Usury usually carries out false propaganda, offline contract signing, illegal intermediary, charging super high rates, and there are problems such as violent collection. Victims usually suffer huge property losses or even threaten their own security. One day in September 2017, someone suddenly added Xiaoxie's QQ and asked if he needed funds. At this time, he is worried about repayment, as if he met a 'savior'. Add wechat, download the loan app designated by the other party, register and upload the ID card photo, home address and copy the address book information, the other party will start to lend money to Xiaoxie.

'the weekly interest is 30%, the loan is 1000 yuan, and 1300 yuan will be paid in 7 days, while the other party will deduct 300 yuan of interest first when making the loan, and the actual amount is 700 yuan. 'Xiaoxie said that the other party's loans were all transferred to him directly via wechat. From then on, he felt that he was led by the other party's nose. Sometimes he could not repay on time in 7 days, and the other party would introduce another loan platform to him.

For example: Xiaoxie borrows 1000 yuan from a, 30% of the weekly interest, and gets 700 yuan. After 7 days, he needs to pay back 1000 yuan of the principal. Because there is no money to repay in time, a introduces Xiaoxie to B, and B borrows the principal of 1000 yuan from him to repay a, and the weekly interest is also 30%. Xiaoxie needs to borrow nearly 1500 yuan from B to get 1000 yuan in cash for repayment. Xiaoxie said that after the loan exceeds a certain amount, the other side will introduce two or three platforms to help him borrow, and finally the snowball will get bigger and bigger.

According to the provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues concerning the application of law in the trial of private lending cases in 2015, the interest rate agreed by both parties of the loan does not exceed 24% of the annual interest rate. If the lender requests the borrower to pay the interest at the agreed interest rate, the people's court shall support it. If the interest rate agreed by the borrower and the borrower exceeds 36% of the annual interest rate, the interest agreement for the excess part shall be invalid. If the borrower requests the lender to return the interest paid in excess of 36% of the annual interest rate, the people's court shall support it.

According to Xiaoxie, the loan is 1000 yuan, lasting for 7 days, with a handling fee of 300 yuan and a hand in 700 yuan, which is equivalent to 30% of the weekly interest rate. The annual interest rate is as high as 1560%. At present, the daily interest rate of general credit card loans is 0.05% and the annual interest rate is about 18.25%. 'the annual interest rate of 1560% is 65 times higher than the 24% regulated by the state, which is obviously not in line with the law. Such a loan contract is also invalid. 'Zhang Fujun, a lawyer from Shaanxi Zhaoshou law firm, said Xiaoxie, a college student, could solve the loan dispute through legal means when necessary.

Forced threats against overdue repayment

In order to facilitate the borrowing of Dongqiang to replace Xiqiang and repay the loan with a loan, several loan apps such as voucher cloud, mifang, Wuyou IOU and Kyushu Hewlett Packard were downloaded on Xiaoxie's mobile phone, with a maximum loan amount of 10000 yuan. 'these apps are only used for bookkeeping, and the money is transferred directly through wechat. 30% of the weekly interest is directly deducted from the loan. '

Once the loan is not up, the other party will use various means to intimidate and intimidate. Xiaoxie said that during that time, he could hardly sleep all night. He didn't have the heart to think about his graduation thesis defense. The whole person was on the verge of collapse and sometimes wanted to die. If the payment is overdue, the other party will edit some ugly words and send them to him to intimidate him. If you don't pay back in time, the other side says that you should copy these words into Xiaoxie's address book and send them in groups.

According to the screenshot of the SMS provided by Xiaoxie, a mobile phone number in Baoshan, Yunnan Province, sent him two messages on May 3 and 4 this year, informing him that the bill of 100 points is overdue for 5 days, so we can deal with it as soon as possible. Xiaoxie didn't reply. On May 6, the other side sent a composite picture with Xiaoxie's head, ID card photo and obscene pattern. They also edited a section of their mother and son's incest, threatening to send them in groups. Xiaoxie told reporters that these people also asked him to help introduce his classmates to borrow money, so that he could earn a percentage repayment. 'but I didn't introduce one, because I have suffered from it. '

Xiaoxie's mother still can't believe that her son will borrow so much money, and where did all the money end up? In order to repay her son's debts, she not only sold the homestead of her family, but also borrowed money from her relatives and friends. So far, she has helped her son repay 210000 yuan, and the remaining 50000 yuan still bears interest on a weekly basis. Xiaoxieyuan's brother in Shenzhen called to tell reporters that he was most worried that his brother would go to extremes because of this, because his brother had the idea of suicide not long ago.

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Many college students are unable to repay campus loans and commit suicide

Through Baidu search, the reporter found that many suicides of college students were related to campus loans.

In March 2016, a college student in a university in Henan Province, using his own identity and the identity of a classmate, obtained unsecured credit loans of hundreds of thousands of yuan from different campus financial platforms. When he was unable to repay, he jumped from the building and committed suicide

On April 11, 2017, a sophomore girl from Xiamen Huaxia University committed suicide in a hotel in Quanzhou because she was trapped in a 'Campus loan'. According to reports, there are at least five campus loan platforms for the girl. Only in the "borrowed now" platform, she has borrowed more than 570000. The total number is 257, and the current debt is more than 50000 yuan. Her family has helped her pay back many times, during which they have received 'nude photos of Dunning money'.

On August 15, 2017, fan Zeyi, a 20-year-old student from a foreign language university in Beijing, drowned in his hometown of Jilin. When his family found the note, his cell phone still received the threat of threatening his repayment. According to the introduction of his family, fan Zeyi had borrowed 'usury' from multiple online lending platforms before, with a total amount of more than 130000 yuan, including 1100 yuan for one loan, 1600 yuan for one week and 500 yuan for one week.

On September 1, 2017, a 21-year-old sophomore from Shaanxi aviation vocational and technical college borrowed more than 200000 yuan for dinner with classmates and loan repayment. He committed suicide by jumping into the river when unable to repay.

Expert advice

Students encounter online loan platform violence collection should call the police

The rise of campus loan, on the one hand, shows the great demand of college students in consumption. On the other hand, because some college students can't consume rationally, they use different network financial platforms to repay the loan, which eventually leads to tragedy. Zhang Fujun, a lawyer from Shaanxi Zhaoshou law firm, said that college students, as individuals with independent civil liability ability, should consume rationally and not be confused by the rapidly expanding consumption desire. College students can call the police to deal with the problems of online lending platform, such as collection by means of violence. At the same time, the school should also strengthen the education of College Students' basic financial knowledge, improve students' awareness of risk control, and prevent tragedies.

Prior to that, the Ministry of education and China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued the notice on strengthening the risk prevention and education guidance of campus bad network lending, which clearly requires colleges and universities to establish the daily monitoring mechanism and real-time early warning mechanism of campus bad network lending, and at the same time, to establish the response and disposal mechanism of campus bad network lending. On May 9, Xiaoxie was contacted by telephone. He said that he would report his current situation to the Department and the school as soon as possible. "I hope this matter can be solved completely, and I will never touch this thing again. '