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Can garland and beef be eaten together

Garland chrysanthemum and beef are both popular food. Can we eat them together? Is there any side effect? Let's get to know each other.

Can garland be eaten with beef

Garland can be eaten with beef.

Nutritional value of beef: beef is mainly composed of protein, which contains a lot of essential amino acids for human body. Every 100g of beef contains 20.1g protein, 10.2g fat, 6mg niacin, 378mg potassium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. the special ingredients of beef are creatine, xanthine, subyellow, taurine.

Nutritional value of Garland: garland contains a variety of amino acids, fats, proteins and higher amounts of sodium, potassium and other mineral salts, containing 95.8g of water, 0.8g of protein, 0.3g of fat, 1.9g of carbohydrate, 0.6g of crude fiber, 0.9g of ash, 0.28mg of carotene, 0.01mg of vitamin b10.01mg, 0.03mg of vitamin b20.03mg, 0.2mg of nicotinic acid, 2mg of vitamin C, 33mg of calcium, 18mg of phosphorus, 0.8mg of iron and potassium per 100g 207mg, sodium 172mg, magnesium 19.6mg, chlorine 240mg. It also contains serine, aspartin, threonine, alanine, etc.

From the nutritional composition of the two, garland chrysanthemum can be eaten with beef, there is no phenomenon of food conflict.

How to eat garland and beef together

​ garland beef soup

Raw materials: garland, beef, garlic oil, salt and vegetable oil


1. Wash garland and shred beef.

2、 Boil water in the pot.

3. Add shredded beef and cook.

4. After boiling, add garland, garlic oil and vegetable oil, scald garland.

5. Scald the chrysanthemum and season with salt.

Stir fried beef with chrysanthemum stem

Materials: 200g beef, 300g garland chrysanthemum stem, 50g carrot, 15g garlic (peeled and crushed), 15g ginger slices, a little Qinjiao, salt, sugar, pepper, rice wine, raw powder, peanut oil.


1. Wash and slice beef, mix with salt, sugar, cornflour and peanut oil;

2. Wash garland stem for use;

3. Peel and wash radish, cut into shreds;

4, boil the oil, stir fry garlic, ginger slices and pepper, stir fry beef under the fire, add rice wine, add chrysanthemum stem and carrot fillet, continue to stir fry, and then stir up the sauce.

Can garland still be eaten after blooming

Chrysanthemum blossoms and can eat.

Chrysanthemum blooming or can eat. But maybe the taste is not so good. The blooming of chrysanthemum shows that many nutrients belonging to stems and leaves are all given to the buds, so the nutrition of chrysanthemum is not so high, and the blooming shows that it is a little old. Although the chrysanthemum can be eaten even when it is old, it is better to cook it for a while. If it is too old, it is suggested not to eat it.

When the chrysanthemum blooms, it must be that the chrysanthemum tends to age. If the aged chrysanthemum still wants to eat, the best way is to make soup. Garland chrysanthemum is a kind of natural vegetable with high nutrition. No matter it's made in soup or stir fried, its nutrition is very high.