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What is the meaning of air conditioning refrigerating capacity 3500W

The nameplate of the air conditioner is marked with the refrigerant 3500W. What is the refrigerant? What is the meaning of the refrigerant 3500W? Let's get to know.

What is the meaning of air conditioning refrigerating capacity 3500W

The cooling capacity of air conditioning is a very important index. It is similar to the screen size on the TV, the larger the screen size is, the better, and the greater the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, the better the cooling effect. In fact, the cooling capacity is the sum of the heat removed from the confined space, room and other areas in unit time when the air conditioner and other machines are carrying out refrigeration work. The greater the cooling capacity, the better the effect.

What's the cooling capacity of 3500W for a room

The cooling capacity of 3500W is more suitable for a room with an area of 20 square meters, so it is more than enough to use the air conditioner in general bedrooms. If it is a large office, it cannot meet the demand.

We can often see the words "cooling capacity of air conditioner 3500W" on the nameplate of air conditioner. What does this mean? Let's understand next.

What is the refrigerating capacity of 3500W

The number of air conditioners with 3500W cooling capacity is about 1.5. So how to calculate the number of air conditioners? In fact, it's very simple. The cooling capacity of one air conditioner is 2500W, so we only need to use 3500W & pide; 2500W = 1.4. So the number of horses is about 1.5.

Horse number and cooling capacity of common air conditioners

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is one 2000W ~ 2300w1 2500W, one 2600w ~ 2800W, one 3000W ~ 3300w1.5 3500W ~ 3600W, two 4300w ~ 4800W, two 5000W ~ 5200w, three 5800w ~ 7100w, three 7500w4 10000w5 12000W