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What are the necessary tourist attractions for Chongqing Tourism

What are the necessary tourist attractions for Chongqing Tourism Chongqing is a famous tourist attraction in China. Whether it's a natural scenery or a historical site, Chongqing's night scenery is dreamy and bright. At the intersection of thousands of lights and City neon, there is a human landscape. What are the necessary tourist attractions in Chongqing? Let's have a look.

Chongqing Liberation Monument

Chongqing is a city with red spirit and numerous historical dust clouds. Today, the liberation monument stands in a row of high-rise buildings, which is a little small, but a good account of history.

Jiefangbei is to Chongqing as Wangfujing is to Beijing, Beijing Road to Guangzhou, Nanjing Road to Shanghai, Chunxi Road to Chengdu. This is the CBD of Chongqing, and also the fashion highland of the city. The most dazzling is the Chongqing beauties on the top of the fashion wave. Therefore, visiting Chongqing beauties on the Liberation Monument has become the fantasy of many foreigners, and it's worth the trip. This is enough to put it on the top three of Chongqing's top ten destinations.

Jiefangbei displays Chongqing's unique urban image, integrating shopping, entertainment, snacks and visiting.

Chaotianmen Titanic square

Chaotianmen square is built on the top of the wharf. From a distance, Chaotianmen square is like a giant ship sailing far away. It is magnificent. Therefore, Chaotianmen square is also known as the Titanic of Chongqing. Standing on the square, you can see the confluence of the two rivers. The Yellow Yangtze River water and the green Jialing River water are distinct at the confluence, forming a unique landscape.

With the development of the western region and the increasing development of Chongqing, Chaotianmen is experiencing a magnificent change. In order to seize the wonderful scenery of the confluence of the two rivers, landmark buildings built next to Chaotianmen spring up like mushrooms. First, Nanbin Road, then Chongqing Grand Theatre, then Hongya cave, now Sheraton Hotel. After this great change, Chaotianmen square has gradually become a supporting role. Who knows, this did not slow down the tide of Chaotianmen, but intensified the phenomenon. In the past, people came to Chongqing to see Chaotianmen. Now, people come to Chaotianmen to see the mountain city. Therefore, the view of the mountain city is its biggest feature!

Ciqikou Ancient Town

The earliest name of Ciqikou is baiyachang, which began in the reign of emperor Zhenzong of Song Dynasty (998-1003), because there was a Baiyan temple here. It is said that in the fourth year of Jianwen in Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yunwen, the emperor of Jianwen, was usurped by Zhu Di, his fourth uncle. After escaping from the Imperial Palace in a hurry, Zhu Yunwen became a monk and was in a mess. When he was exiled to the area of Bashu, he hid in Baolun temple on Baiyan mountain for four or five years. Later, the world knew that the event really wanted to change the name of Baolun temple to Longyin Temple based on the fact that emperor Zhenlong Tianzi once lived in seclusion here. In this way, baiyanchang is also renamed Longyin town. Since then, the incense of Longyin temple has become more vigorous and has become a famous ancient temple in East Sichuan

Nanbin Road

The original intention of Nanbin road construction is to relieve the traffic pressure of Nanping business district, one of the five major business districts in Chongqing, and improve the traffic speed of the main city. However, due to its geographical location on the opposite side of Yuzhong Peninsula, the whole Yuzhong Peninsula just has a panoramic view, especially the important landmarks such as zhaotianmen of Jiefangbei. Smart Chongqing businessmen immediately realized its commercial value, and the district government attached great importance to it. After several years of destructive upgrading and renovation, nanbinlu suddenly made a sudden rise. In a short time, hundreds of famous restaurants have sprung up, and now it has become the GDP pillar of Nan'an District. Gradually, Nanbin road has become a high-end reception in Chongqing. It is a synonym for entertaining guests and having a good dinner. The supporting industries such as bar, bath and KTV have been rapidly followed up. In addition, the seven-star International Hotel "Sheraton Hotel" and the high-profile entry of Yangtze River industry. Nanbin road has become Chongqing's real national corruption B a I road.

A tree viewing platform in Nanshan

Influenced by Chongqing's unique geological conditions, if Nanbin road is the best place to watch Yuzhong Peninsula, then Nanbin road is the best place to watch the night view of the mountain city. This logic is obviously untenable. Don't you need to watch Nanbin road with brilliant lights? In fact, behind Nanbin Road, there is a lofty mountain, and there is an altar with broad vision at the top of the mountain. It is a tree viewing platform. Because of the superior geographical location, the colorful modern lighting art, standing on the 'one tree' viewing platform with wide vision, is really a kind of beautiful enjoyment. From afar, Yuzhong District looks like a shining Treasure Island, transparent; surrounded by two rivers, the flow of light and color; flying across the long bridge, the outline is clear; layer upon layer, scattered, colorful city, against the backdrop of the night sky, it is hard to distinguish heaven and earth. Many Chinese and foreign tourists have come here for many years, and many leaders of the central government have also come here to inspect Chongqing.

A city that never sleeps in the world

Chongqing's nightlife starts at 9 p.m. and its body wakes up after a day's dormancy. A large number of wandering souls roam around the city, looking for their own territory. In the night, each other with the vanguard posture is changing the publicity expression as much as possible. Rich, cutting-edge, diversified, is the leading policy; beer, sex, nightlife, is the ultimate goal.

Chongqing People's auditorium

In 1987, a classic book, comparative architecture history, edited and published jointly by the Royal Institute of architects and famous experts and professors from London University, first introduced the famous domestic architecture after the founding of new China to the world, and Chongqing People's Hall ranked second.

Chongqing People's auditorium is the official business card of Chongqing and an outstanding representative of Chongqing's positive image. In order to fully understand Chongqing, people's auditorium must be seen. In addition to the magnificent buildings, the people's auditorium is more to show the hard and unyielding urban character of Chongqing people. The people's Square outside the people's auditorium is also very beautiful at night, with lights and music fountains for fun. Beside the people's auditorium is the famous museum of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.

Jiangbei Guanyinqiao pedestrian street

Guanyinqiao pedestrian street, a rising new CBD, is not that Chongqing people don't know her status. The Liberation Monument has never declined, but she seems to burst out a more dazzling light. Most Chongqing people think that although there is no such luxury department store as Meimei department store, it is the top one in Chongqing and the top one in the West. There are many reasons, but the most important one is that the explosive growth of Guanyinqiao pedestrian street is inseparable from the rapid rise of Jiangbei District. Now Jiangbei is almost the living area for the rich in Chongqing. The pursuit of elegant life style has brought strong development power to Guanyinqiao pedestrian street. Another key indicator to establish the status of Guanyinqiao pedestrian street today is that the probability of beauties appearing in beichengtianjie has far exceeded that of metropolis.