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How about the configuration of Hongmi self timer S2? How much is Hongmi self timer S2

On May 10, Xiaomi released red rice self timer S2 in Nanjing. This mobile phone is jointly built by Xiaomi and Suning, and its technical support is also very strong. It is known as the best red rice mobile phone for self shooting, and its price is quite eye-catching.

It is understood that the 16 million pixel camera in front of the machine supports AI beauty and pixel four in one technology, which greatly improves dark light self shooting. It is known as the best red rice mobile phone for self shooting, and the price is only 999 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the red rice self timer S2 adopts a 5.99 inch 18:9 full screen, and the back of the body adopts an elegant waist closing design, which can perfectly fit the palm of the hand and have an excellent grip. Symmetrical design at the bottom of the fuselage brings a balanced aesthetic feeling. In terms of color matching, the machine provides three kinds of color matching options: champagne gold, rose gold and platinum silver grey.

In terms of photo taking, red rice's self taking mobile phone S2 is known as the best red rice mobile phone for photo taking. The machine is equipped with a 16 million pixel camera in front, which has ultra-high resolution when the light is sufficient, and can fully retain the details of the picture; while in dark light, it supports four in one sensitive pixels into 2 & mu; m large pixels, and the sensitive area of a single pixel is four times of the original, which can effectively improve the light intake, make the night photos brighter and suppress the generation of noise. At the same time, the machine also supports soft light selfie, front-end automatic HDR, AI portrait mode and AI make-up beauty.

Hongmi's self portrait mobile phone S2 rear camera is also good. It is equipped with 12 million + 5 million AI dual cameras, of which 12 million main cameras have 1.25 & mu; m large pixels, which can make the picture brighter when shooting in dark light; 5 million pixel sub cameras can obtain depth of field information for virtualization algorithm, and also support AI dual cameras and AI intelligent beauty.

In addition, the machine not only supports AI intelligent beauty on the front and rear portrait modes, but also adds AI makeup beauty on this basis. It can recognize the makeup of girls' faces, protect lip makeup and eye makeup detail color intelligently while beautifying them. Moreover, the machine also optimizes the makeup for different cute expressions of girls who love to take selfies.

In other configurations, the Hongmi self timer S2 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 625 8-core 64 bit processor, which adopts a 14nm process and has an excellent balance between performance and power consumption. With 2 + 1 card slot design, it supports the simultaneous use of 2 SIM card slots and 1 micro SD card slot, and the maximum storage space can be expanded to 256gb. In addition, the machine also has a built-in universal remote control, which supports face unlocking and AI voice assistant.

Red rice self timer S2 has three colors: champagne gold, rose gold and platinum silver grey. The 3 + 32GB version costs 999 yuan, the 4 + 64GB version costs 1299 yuan, and TPU minimalist case is provided with the purchase.

The machine will be launched simultaneously in Suning e-buy Xiaomi official flagship store, Suning e-buy offline store, Suning e-buy retail cloud selection store, tmall Suning e-buy flagship store, Xiaomi mall and Xiaomi's home on May 17. Meanwhile, Suning e-buy will launch super new product day for red rice self timer S2 on that day, and Suning e-buy will also launch Xiaomi super from May 15 to May 17 Class a brand day, Suning e-commerce promotion will officially open in the middle of the year, bringing a full range of high-quality products of millet to 'rice flour'.