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Does Avenger alliance 3 look good in the early morning of this morning, "Avenger alliance 3: Infinite War" will premiere in China. Although it is more than 10 days late than that of foreign countries, it still can't resist the enthusiasm of manwei fans. In the ten-year layout of the first battle of the peak, many people can't wait to know what the story of Fulian 3 is. Let's take a look at the story of Avenger alliance.

The galaxy guard saved the surviving Thor. After the Thor talked, the galaxy guard moved in batches. The rocket tree man Thor group went to make a new hammer. Others went to find real gems. Iron man and little spider directly opened a big hole in the spaceship and solved the ebony throat (which is also a good solution...). After iron man successfully repaired the hole, he decided to destroy the hard steel with him.

Mirage and Scarlet Witch show their love and discuss the future. When they learned about the coming of despot, the couple of obsidian general came to the front of two people in the dark night. Four people fought together. As a result, mirage was injured. The U.S. team and others rushed to the rescue ground. They came to the women's Federation base in New York to meet with the war machine, the Hulk. General Ross also wanted to catch people. Finally, we decided to go to wakanda.

Galaxy escort team met mieba in unknown, and was easily destroyed by mieba. His adopted daughter, Kamila, was also captured. Mieba has obtained real gem at this time. The US team and others decided to go to wakanda in case to take down the gem on the vision head, while mieba successfully obtained the soul gem by relying on Kamala (Kamala was sacrificed)

When they arrived in wakanda, the sister of the black leopard was responsible for removing the spiritual gem from the head of the vision, and began to prepare for a decisive battle with mieba. Raytheon found the king of dwarven Kingdom who used to make gloves for mieba. Now he is the only one left. After a complicated process, Raytheon succeeded in making hammers.

The anti hegemonic army began to launch a large-scale attack on wakanda. The war was on the verge of breaking out. Banna used anti hawk armor because he could not become a hulk. But iron man and other people met with the Galactic escort team and after a few moves of reconciliation, they decided to start to attack the final boss of exterminating bully. Dr. strange found that there is only one way to defeat exterminating bully with time gem, that is to use the ability of the mantis woman to hold the exterminator to take off the gloves, but there was a mistake during that time. Because the xingjue knew that the kammela was gone, he broke the mantis woman in a rage. As a result The plan failed. Iron man and spider man are seriously injured. Iron man's life is in danger. Mieba and Dr. Qi fight each other. In order to save iron man's life, Dr. Qi gives the time gem to mieba.

Obsidian 5 will be killed one by one in wakanda. In the dark night, neighboring stars will be solved by black widows and scarlet witches. The black dwarf will be thrown into the protective cover by Banner's anti hawk armor and die. Raytheon will come to help. When he has new weapons, he will start the mode of killing. The result of the duel between the general and the visionary will be killed by visionary. At this time, the defeated mieba attacked. Mirage was blown to pieces because the sister of the black leopard forced her to separate the gem from herself. The attack solved the Scarlet Witch first, and then fought with the US team. The US team lost but didn't die.

The thunder god cut into mieba's chest with an axe. Mieba was safe and sound. He was full of confidence. As a result, all the superheroes turned into dust. Only iron man was still alive. He cried on Titan alone. In addition, the United States team and the thunder god were also alive.