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Who are the heroes to be glorified by the king? Who are the heroes to be glorified by the king Shangshan has always been a very important position in the game, because Shangshan will face two heroes of the enemy, who will find a breakthrough from the road and snowball all the way. But in front of the following heroes, two people? It's just a number. These are upper single overlord level characters, not only not easy to be killed, but also anti kill! Let's have a look.

No.1 - Miyamoto Musashi

Generation by generation, generation by generation, generation by generation, generation by generation, even though the Miyamoto has been weakened, it's all over the place. But Miyamoto's instant burst is still very high, in the single, as long as the opponent dare to wave. After level 4, Miyamoto can find a chance to kill the enemy's crispy skin directly and easily open up the advantage.

NO.2- armor

I believe that the damage of armor explosion is relatively well understood. The explosion of the moment is not too frightening. In the early stage, even if you are consumed with a certain life value, you can also use 1 skill to return blood quickly. After reaching level 4, as long as the online auxiliary hero is not available, it's a great opportunity for us to open a big move without bullshit.

NO.3- Yang Jian

Yang Jian's basic damage is very high. As long as he is lewd online, he will not be killed. After reaching level 4, the big move can return blood quickly, even if the residual blood does not need to return to the city, and the speed of clearing the line is very fast. Tower guarding is weak. If you have a chance, you can easily kill the crispness on the enemy line.

NO.4- Su lie

If Su lie is on the list, he can be called a bully. Because Su lie is a hero with a lot of flesh. He can be reactivated passively. It's proper to resist pressure online. Once a teammate comes to gank, it doesn't matter if he has blood. He can play passively and revive again. Is the enemy fighting you or your teammates at the time of resurrection?

NO.5- Guan Yu

Guan Yu is the most easy hero to play single, because his 1 skill with a common attack under the passive bonus can easily clear the line. Not only won't the opponent consume the health of the defense tower, but also can support other roads. After all, the four legged will always run faster than the two legged. After reaching level 4, great moves can make Guanyu online easy 1V2.