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How much is 2018 micro loan interest? How to calculate 2018 micro loan interest wechat launched micro loan, which is convenient and fast for micro enterprises or customers. However, many users are more concerned about the interest of micro loan, so how much is the interest of micro loan? How about the interest of micro loan? Let's have a look.

1、 How about the interest of micro loan?

1. The repayment period of micro loan can be 5 months, 10 months and 20 months. The interest of micro loan is calculated by 0.05% per day, and the principal of the same amount is repaid. Take the loan of 10000 yuan as an example (unit: yuan) as follows:

2. Microparticle loan can be repaid in advance, and it can be repaid in advance the next day after the loan arrives, without penalty. The deadline for interest calculation is the day when the loan is repaid.

2、 Is 0.05 interest rate high?

At present, the interest enjoyed by users of micro credit on wechat and mobile QQ is not different due to the platform. The daily interest rate is 0.05%, equivalent to 18.25% of the annual interest rate.

The annual interest rate of 18.25% of the loan products is higher than that of the general credit loan products of banks. However, Weizhong bank said that in the future, with the further liberalization of users, differential pricing will be implemented, and customers with good credit can enjoy daily interest of 2-3 / 10000, equivalent to 7.2% - 10.8% per annum.

How to calculate the prepayment interest of micro loan

The daily interest rate of micro loan is 0.05%, and prepayment is optional. The prepayment interest shall be charged to the date of repayment, and the prepayment of micro loan shall not be regarded as breach of contract, no penalty interest or other fees.

For the repayment on the next day after the loan, if the actual borrowing time is one day, only one day's interest will be paid. After full repayment in advance, the quota will be restored immediately.