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Which is worth buying between vivo x21ud and oppo R15

It's easy to compare vivo x21ud with oppo R15, so which is worth buying? Today, I will show you the comparative data.

This year, it is popular to popularize the comprehensive screen design, and add AI technology to CPU performance. Of course, innovation is based on the integration of the original. Many manufacturers ignore the very important details, and the endurance is also very important. In addition, it is necessary to cooperate with the system performance automatic switching optimization, automatically enter into the frequency reduction operation when not playing games, and automatically start the high-performance state if playing games. Most of the users hope that the endurance of the battery will be stronger and that they will be able to prevent the carrying of the large capacity battery. If it supports fast charging, it can be timely and urgent. Techweb will share with you the best performance of vivox21 compared with oppo R15 mobile phone in terms of endurance and fast charging?

Endurance competition

As the majority of users who have used Android smart phones, they often have an understanding in the process of switching. Mobile phones with strong hardware can not bring a good experience. There are many factors that affect the user experience, such as system fluency, endurance and charging, photography and so on. Among them, charging and endurance is a problem that almost all users have to face, just like the principle of "no sound, no good play can come out", no electricity, so the configuration of reniu is an electronic brick.

Vivo X21 screen fingerprint mobile phone is equipped with the first Qualcomm snapdragon 660 AIE multi-core artificial intelligence acceleration computing chip, with 3200mah battery capacity built in. It adopts vivo's own 'dual engine fast charging' technology, and the output of the charging port is 9V / 2A. The charger adopts the 'Qualcomm qc2.0' protocol, with the maximum power up to 18W. Run the new funtouch OS 4.0 operating system optimized based on Android 8.1.

The oppo R15 mobile phone is equipped with the Helio P60 processor of MediaTek, with a built-in battery capacity of 345mah. It supports the exclusive vooc flash charging technology of the oppo with the specification of 5V / 4A, with a maximum power of 20W. It runs the coloros 5.0 System Based on Android 8.1.

According to the comparison of endurance data, oppo R15 equipped with Helio P60 processor of MediaTek performs very well in power consumption and endurance. In the video endurance, only 9% of the power is consumed, because the disadvantage of MediaTek P60 is that the GPU is slightly lower, the decoding ability is slightly lower, and the power consumption of graphics is lower than that of Qualcomm's Xiaolong 660 platform; in the game, with Tencent's "glory of the king" and "Jedi survival: peace elites" and other game teams working together to optimize, the whole play is smooth to the point, and the power consumption in an hour is only 17%, up to To the standard range. On the vivox21 endurance, it's a little bit of a loss, but it's really good performance. On the music, it's a little bit of power consumption, because the hi fi chip is built in, which presents good sound quality. On the game, the special effects only consume 18% of the power, which is very smooth. The Xiaolong 660 mobile platform does have the performance level of the Xiaolong 821 processor, and the graphics performance is very strong. It can be seen that vivox 21 wins in performance and R15 wins in endurance control. In short, these two mobile phones are not a problem for one day.

Fast charging competition

According to the measured results, based on the 30 minute data, the key to "fast charging" is to see "power" and "battery capacity", rather than performance, or to support what must be fast charging. Vivo x21ud mobile phone has 3000mAh battery capacity and oppo R15 has 345mah large capacity battery. On the whole, R15 has a very fast charging speed. It has 20W high-power charging capacity, lasting for 'five minutes of charging and two hours of talking'. With the support of vooc flash charging, it can quickly revive with full blood. Since never charging, it has been growing by 2% every minute, charging 10% in five minutes, charging 55% in 20 minutes, and the charging rate has begun to decline until 65%, 9% every five minutes, at the most After that, there are 10% electric charges, which take longer to 17 minutes, but the result is very powerful. The most important thing is that vooc flash charging also supports fast charging while playing, so that the game experience is not interrupted.

Vivo x21ud mobile phone adopts its own 'dual engine fast charging' technology, continuing the previous generation X20 same charger. The charging speed is also very good. The qc2.0 protocol is used conservatively. At the beginning, the charging speed is faster, and there will be more and more pressure in the future. The power must be 18W, which can achieve the best power transmission at any time and maximize efficiency. When the charging reaches 28%, it will start gradually and sometimes, because as long as the screen is on, it will automatically reduce the speed. If the screen is off, it will automatically start to speed up the charging. Until the last 10% is full, turn on the normal mode charging, which is the voltage intelligent control of Qualcomm QC protocol.


Through this comparison, in terms of abandoning the configuration performance, all the phones that do not support "fast charging" are playing hooligans. In fact, the two phones have different endurance, but the difference between fast charging is not very big. In the endurance test, the power consumption control of MediaTek P60 is better than that of Qualcomm snapdragon 660. The heat control is better, but the performance will be slightly squeezed by 5%. Of course, it can also be turned on manually. The weakness of the fast charging technology of MediaTek is that only the original power supply and the original charging line can enjoy the fast charging speed, so the ordinary charger can't enjoy the pleasure brought by the flash charging. Qualcomm's fast charging technology is more general. There are not too many restrictions on the charging line and the charging head. As long as the power of the charging head is large, you can enjoy the fast charging. If the three points of "Endurance", "fast charging" and "in-depth cooperation and optimization of game" are considered again, oppo R15 mobile phone is preferred; if the performance of the mobile phone is simply better and it has fingerprint identification under the black technology screen, the fast charging of endurance is not particularly important, and vivo x21ud mobile phone is recommended.