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What's the latest news of Rainstorm in South China in 2017?

What's the latest news of Rainstorm in South China in 2017?

Four seas network: Recently, the continuous heavy rainfall in the South continues, and many areas begin to flood. The weather station issued a continuous rainstorm yellow warning. Let's see what areas are affected by the rainstorm in the south?

The Central Meteorological Station continued to issue rainstorm yellow warning at 06:00 on the 2nd. From 08:00 on the 2nd to 08:00 on the 3rd, the heavy rainfall was mainly concentrated in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Anhui, Zhejiang, Southwest Sichuan, North Yunnan and other places, which generally had heavy rain, local heavy rain. Some of the above areas have strong convective weather such as short-term heavy rainfall, thunderstorm and gale.

The situation of flood control in the Yangtze River is severe

By the end of January 1, 52 stations of 42 rivers in the Yangtze River Basin had over alarm and above water flood, mainly concentrated in the two lake water system, including Xiangtan and zishuitaojiang stations of Xiangjiang River, 9 stations exceeded the guaranteed water level, and some tributary stations exceeded the historical highest water level.

The water level of Lianhuatang river section in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River rose to 35.52 meters at 8:00 on the first day, 2 cm higher than the warning water level, marking the formation of the No. 1 flood in 2017. The State General Manager of flood control has launched flood control level III emergency response for the flood situation in the Yangtze River Basin.

Remind: Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan coastal units and the public to pay attention to prevention!

At present, many places have been besieged by flood disaster!

Since June 29, a new round of heavy rainfall has come to Hunan, with heavy rain falling to the West and north of central Hunan, causing 1.846 million victims and 8 deaths. Hunan Province has launched the provincial level II emergency response.

Changsha flood, the whole city in a hurry!

In June, it rained for an average of 20.5 days in Hunan Province, with an average precipitation of 54 mm more than that in 1998, which is the highest value in history. The rainstorm caused many waterlogging in Changsha City.

Affected by heavy rainfall, as of 11:42 on July 1, the water level of Xiangjiang River in Changsha had risen to 38.37m, 2.37M higher than the warning water level, approaching the historical highest water level of 39.18m.

The flood has passed through Orange Island.

The water level of Zijiang River rises sharply and the reach breaks

Affected by the continuous heavy rainfall and the flood discharge of Taohuajiang reservoir, the water level of Rexi River, a small tributary of Zijiang River, remained high. At about 1 a.m. on the 1st, the reach of santangwan village in Niutian town broke.

Three people died in the debris flow in Ningxiang

At about 16:00 on the 1st, Wangjiawan group, Zuta Village (formerly shuanglongtan Village), Yushan Township, Ningxiang County, Hunan Province, died and 19 people were injured due to the sudden debris flow caused by long-term heavy rainfall. As of the early morning of the 2nd, five people were still out of touch.

In Ningxiang Shahe market, the water of Gushui river rises rapidly, the Shahe Bridge is flooded, and the flood pours into the Shahe market. Liao Bo, the market manager, said that before the flood, they used thousands of sandbags to block the breach. After that, more than 2000 people were transferred urgently. Because some merchants were reluctant to buy goods, more than 1000 people were still trapped upstairs.

Shaoyang: continuous rainfall and dangerous situation

In recent days, the continuous rainfall in Longhui, Dongkou and other places in Shaoyang, Hunan Province, has resulted in landslides and other dangerous situations. The local people quickly rescued the trapped residents and actively organized the villagers to transfer.

As of 9:00 a.m. on the 1st, the continuous heavy rainfall has affected 157 townships in 11 counties and cities. The affected population is 407700, the affected area of crops is 283300 mu, 1047 houses have collapsed, the direct economic loss is 534 million yuan, and the transferred population is 29600. There are no deaths due to disasters.

There was heavy rain in Shaoyang on the 2nd, local rainstorm, and the flood control situation is still very severe.

Huaihua: chenggudao, Chenxi County has transferred 30000 people to deal with the flood peak

Due to the heavy pressure of flood control, Tuokou hydropower station in Huaihua City, Hunan Province has carried out flood discharge under the dispatching order of the flood control and drought relief headquarters in Hunan Province to ensure safety. Nearly 60000 people have been resettled in the downstream of the power station for emergency transfer, and Chenxi County in Huaihua City has the largest population transfer. Previously, two roads leading to Chenxi County were once interrupted by flooding.

Liu Hequn, vice chairman of Xiangxiang CPPCC, was washed away and died

Liu Hequn, vice chairman of the Xiangxiang CPPCC, and his wife Zeng Shuying drove a private car (driven by their wife) Monday. The road was flooded and the car slid into the river. His wife was saved by the local people and Liu Hequn was washed away by the water. The body was found in the early hours of the 2nd.

More than 7000 officers, soldiers and militia reservists participated in flood fighting and rescue, and 150 senior students were absent from the graduation party

In the face of serious danger, the military region of Hunan Province urgently dispatched more than 7000 active officers and soldiers, militia reservists to gather at the front lines of each disaster. Filling sandbags, building sub dikes, transferring people, plugging piping, inspecting dikes & hellip; & hellip;

On the afternoon of June 30, the opening discharge of Zhexi reservoir in Yiyang, Hunan Province reached 6000 m3 / s, and the water level of Zishui Taojiang station rose sharply, 2.3m higher than the warning water level (39.2m). In the evening of the same day, the flood fighting force of the National Defense University of science and technology was informed to go to Taojiang, Yiyang, Hunan Province for flood fighting and rescue.

With a military order, 150 students rushed to the front to fight against the flood and rescue. And these students are still senior students, that night, it's their graduation party & hellip; & hellip;

The water level in Wuhan section of the Yangtze River exceeds the fortification level

Affected by the heavy rainfall in the basin, the water level in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River rose in an all-round way. On the evening of the 29th, the water level at Hankou station of the Yangtze River exceeded the 25 meter fortification level for the first time this year. The hydrological Department expects that the water level of the main stream will continue to rise rapidly.

Poyang Lake water level over alert

From June 20 to 30, the rainstorm and flood disaster affected 3.5389 million people in the province, with a direct economic loss of 6.969 billion yuan. At 16:00 on the 30th, 7 stations of main rivers in the province were over alert, 2 stations of Poyang Lake, the largest fresh water lake in China, 0.06 m of Xingzi station and 0.11 m of Tangyin station, Duchang County.

Rongshui County flood residents travel by boat

People used small wooden boats to transfer materials on the flooded streets of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Liuzhou, Guangxi, Tuesday, when a flood hit the county.

Guilin Lijiang tourist ship is fully closed for the first time this year

In the early morning of the 2nd, Guilin meteorological station issued a rainstorm red warning. At 8 o'clock, the water level of Lijiang River reaches 147.33m, the flow is 3670m3 / s, and the warning water level is 1.33m.

The continuous heavy rain led to a sharp rise in the water level of the Lijiang River in Guilin. The Guilin maritime bureau decided to launch a closed control on all the boats on the Li River's elite tour route from 6:30 on 2. This is also the first time in the year that the Lijiang River tourist ships have been fully closed.

More than 60 people were rescued from a flooded village in Fangchenggang

In Fangcheng District, Fangchenggang City, part of the residential houses were flooded, and relevant departments such as fire department rushed to the scene for rescue. After about 4 hours, all 61 trapped residents were rescued and resettled.

Over warning water level of Rongan section of Rongjiang River in Guangxi

The water level of Rong'an section of Rongjiang, a tributary of the Pearl River, soared. At 9:30 on the first day, there was a peak water level of 115.03m, exceeding the warning level of 0.43m (warning water level: 114.60m). The local government has launched the emergency plan and is ready to deal with various natural disasters.

Many counties in Guilin are seriously affected

From 8:00 on June 30 to 22:00 on July 1, Xiangjiang River, Guanjiang River and other rivers in Quanzhou County of Guilin exceeded the warning water level, and villages along the bank and downstream were severely affected. The farmland is flooded, some urban areas and towns are cut off from power, communication is cut off, and roads are blocked by floods, causing traffic jams.

In the early morning of the 2nd, the county government reported that as of the evening of the 1st, 28 houses had been destroyed due to landslides caused by flash floods, resulting in 1 death, 1 missing and 3 injured. More than 550 trapped people have been rescued successfully, and more than 250 others have been besieged by floods, transferring more than 10000 people.

In Longsheng County, continuous rainfall caused dozens of landslides in the territory, causing traffic disruption and a large number of vehicles stranded, and there are still falling stones at the site of landslides. The highest rainfall in Piaoli town has exceeded the warning water level by 4.91m. At present, the local government has launched rescue for the affected people, and the tourism department has also organized the safe evacuation of the trapped tourists in the scenic spot.

According to the local meteorological department, there will still be heavy rain in northern Guangxi in the next two days, accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term lightning and gale.


48 counties and cities, 1 victim, 1 missing

On January 1, a flood peak came to the shilishuizhai reach of Pingyong River, a tributary of Duliujiang River in Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province.

Since June 28, a new round of heavy rainfall has caused 48 counties (cities and districts) in Guizhou Province to suffer from rainstorm and flood disasters in varying degrees, and local geological disasters such as landslides occur. In Guizhou Province, 494000 people were affected by the disaster, resulting in one person killed and one missing.