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Which films are shortlisted for the opening of the 71st Cannes Film Festival in 2018 the 71st Cannes International Film Festival opened in Cannes, the southern city of France, in the early morning of Beijing time yesterday. As one of the film festivals with the highest artistic content in the world, the wind review of Cannes Film Festival often becomes the wind vane of other film festivals. This year, Cannes Film Festival has released 21 films of main competition units. Although the works of female judges and directors of the Cannes Film Festival have reached a new high, Kate & middlet; Blanchett, chairman of the jury, said that sex will not be used as the standard for judging works. No matter in the main competition unit or non competition unit, the films at the Cannes Film Festival have provided a variety of themes and types for fans. Take stock of the key films of Cannes Film Festival and have a look.

Opening film

Everyone knows

Director: Asha & middot; fahati

Starring: Javier & middot; Baden / Penelope & middot; Cruz

Type: plot / suspense

Country: Spain / France

Director Asha middot fahati is one of the most important directors in Iran in the past decade and a frequent visitor to major film festivals. He previously won two Oscars for best foreign language film for "a farewell" and "salesman". He also has a lot of connections with Cannes: in 2013, the past won the best actress award for French actress Berenice & middot; beccio; in 2016, the salesman won the best screenwriter Award for himself and the best actor award for Iranian actor Shahab & middot; Husseini.

"Everyone knows" is the first Spanish film directed by fahati. Although the film was shot in Spain all the way, it broke away from the native language and cultural context, but the story still revolved around the familiar family relationship of the director. It tells the story of Lola, her husband and children, a Hispanic woman living in Argentina, who came back to Spain to attend her sister's wedding, but did not expect to send The unexplained disappearance of a child. The film stars Javier & middot; Baden and Penelope & middot; Cruz, the Spanish screen couple. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the film is the second Spanish opening film in Cannes history after "bad education" by amodova 14 years ago.

Closing film

The man who killed Don Quixote

Director: Terry Middleton Gilliam

Starring: Adam & middot; dreyffer / Jonathan & middot; pres

Type: Adventure

Country: Spain / UK

Terry Middleton Gilliam's "the man who killed Don Quixote" is based on the classic "Don Quixote". It tells about a film advertising manager who went back to ancient times and was mistakenly recognized by Don Quixote as his follower, Sancho, and then took risks with him. The shooting process of the film is full of ups and downs. Since the first official start in 2000, due to various problems such as shortage of funds, cast schedule, film copyright, etc., it has experienced the unfortunate experience of stopping shooting for many times, building group and stopping shooting again. The actor who plays Sancho has changed from Johnny Depp to Ivan McGregor, to Adam driver, who became popular in Star Wars 7, and the actor who plays Don Quixote. Many of the candidates have died. Finally, the old partner who worked with the director many times before he was selected has been Jonathan Pres. After 17 years of intermittent shooting, the film was finally finished last year, and was selected as the closing film of Cannes Film Festival this year. The film, which has experienced setbacks, can finally meet the audience.

Main competition unit

Children of the Jianghu

Director: Jia Zhangke

Starring: Zhao Tao / Liao Fan

Type: Love / crime

Country: China

The film is Jia Zhangke's fifth time in Cannes' main competition unit after Ren Xiaoyao, 24 cities, destiny and the old man of mountains and rivers. The film tells the story of a pair of lovers across 15 years. The film was shot in Shanxi, Three Gorges, Xinjiang and other different areas. Because of the long time span and the different texture of each age, the director specially used six kinds of photographic equipment to present the feeling of different ages. In the early stage, he did a lot of trial shooting work.

Recently, the film released two segments of the film, one is Liao Fan, Zhao Tao and a group of brothers in KTV with a basin full of wine, righteousness, shouting 'brothers all over the world', the background music plays the song of Ye Qianwen's "shallow drunk life", to pay homage to John Woo's classic crime film "two heroes in blood"; the other is Zhao Tao and Liao Fan with crutches walking to the mountain to discuss "You have a gun, and you are afraid that others will put you out? "A man with a gun dies fast. '

The book of images

Director: Jean Luc & middot; Godard

Type: Documentary

Country: France

This is the 9th battle of the French film "living fossil" Godard against the golden palm in Cannes. Unfortunately, Godard hasn't won the Palme d'Or so far, the closest one being the jury award of Cannes Film Festival in 2014 for "goodbye language". Nowadays, 88 year old directors have more and more extreme discussions on the language and form of the film in recent years. The last work "goodbye language" has disassembled various possibilities of the image in the form of 3D, making the audience confused. The new film "the book of images" has a lot to discuss about the film form. Godard said in an interview before that there is no actor in the whole film, but there will be a story teller. The director spent nearly two years shooting in several Arab countries, and the introduction of the film is also very abstract: 'just silence, just a revolutionary song, a five chapter story, like five fingers of one hand. '


Director: Li Cangdong

Starring: Liu Yaren / Steven & middot; yuan

Type: suspense

Country: South Korea

"Burning" is a new work of director Li Cangdong after "poem" after eight years. It remakes the short story "burning barn" from Haruki Murakami. The film is starred by Liu Yaren, American Korean actor Steven middot; yuan and inexperienced rookie Quan Zhongrui. The story revolves around the tangled relationship between a mysterious woman and two men. The director has done a lot in the plot of the film The career and character of the characters have changed. Li Cangdong is a famous writer and director in South Korea. He was born as a writer and then entered the film industry. He also worked as the Minister of culture of South Korea for more than one year. His films have strong literariness. Since the first work "green fish" in 1997, only six works have been made in more than 20 years, but almost every work can attract the attention of the International Film Festival. His "Miyang" praised Quan Duyan, the only Cannes movie queen in South Korea, and "poetry" also won him the best screenwriter award of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival.

The black party

Director: spike & middot; Lee

Starring: John & middot; David & middot; Washington / Adam & middot; dreyffer

Type: Crime / Biography

Country: United States

The film is adapted from the Autobiography of the same name written by Ron Stallworth in 2014. The story focuses on a black detective Ron Stallworth, who successfully destroyed a series of cross burning activities triggered by the Ku Klux Klan party during the undercover mission, and became the story of the head of the organization. This is spike & middot; Lee, a famous American director, who has been shortlisted for the main competition unit of Cannes after 27 years of "Jungle Fever" in 1991. In the main production line-up, Oscar winner Denzel & middot; son of Washington John & middot; David & middot; Washington plays the leading role of Ron Stallworth, and Adam & middot; dreyffer plays a police officer. The producer of the film is Jordan Middleton peel, the director of "escape from juemingtown", who achieved great success in box office and word-of-mouth last year. From the perspective of the theme of the film, director spike & middot; Lee not only deals with racial discrimination, but also political events such as the 3K party.

The thief family

Director: Shi zhiyuhe

Actor: yasuya Nakagawa / Ando Sakura

Type: Crime

Country: Japan

This is the fifth time that Japanese director Shi zhiyuhe has competed for Cannes Palme d'Or. In 2013, he won the jury award of Cannes Film Festival with "like father, like son". Shizhi Yuhe is the best at describing the family theme, and the new work "the thief family" adds the element of crime to the family story. The film tells the story of a seemingly ordinary family, but it relies on crime to maintain its family plan. As for the original intention of making this work, zhiyuhe said: 'I've been in contact with the last case of being arrested in order to receive parents' pension without giving death notice. It seems to others that it's a lie, but the parties said that they just don't want to accept the fact that their family died. Their thoughts on blood, society, justice and other issues over the past ten years have been integrated into this work. 'judging from the past style of zhiyuhe, although the film involves elements of crime, the trend of the story must be warm.

Three faces

Director: Jaffa & middot; Panahi

Type: plot

Country: Iran

The film tells of an Iranian actress who received an unsettling video asking for help. To prove the truth, she and her friends went to the isolated mountains in the northwest to find the truth. This is the second Iranian director's work that has been shortlisted for Cannes' Golden Palm this year. Director Jaffa & middot parnasi captured the Golden Lion Award of Venice Film Festival in 2000 with "the circle of life", and won the Golden Bear award of Berlin Film Festival with "taxi" in 2015. This "three faces" is the first time to be shortlisted for Cannes' main competition unit. If he can get the Golden Palm Award, Europe will be realized The Grand Slam of the three major film festivals in the continent. However, director Jaffa & middot Panahi was sentenced to six years in prison in 2010 for allegedly criticizing the Iranian government for his film. He could not make a film for 20 years, and could not leave Iran for 20 years. He was absent from the award ceremony when he won the Berlin Golden Bear Award in 2015.

A unit of concern

The last night of the earth

Director: Bi Gan

Starring: Tang Wei / Huang Jue

Type: suspense

Country: China

This is the second long film work of young director Bi Gan after "picnic on the road", which has attracted the attention of the outside world since the beginning of shooting. The French film manual once listed the film as "the most expected film in 2018". The French film critics who have seen the film praised the film: "this film goes further than" picnic on the road "in aesthetics, which once again confirms the talent of Bi Gan. It is a witness to the great poetic invention. '

In the form of detective type film, the film tells the story of a once disappeared middle-aged man who came back to Guizhou and stumbled upon the trace of a mysterious woman who spent a secret summer with him 12 years ago.