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Is Apple's airpods worth buying? Why is Apple's airpods so expensive

Is Apple's airpods worth buying? Why is Apple's airpods so expensive

Sihai network: with the development of the industry, wireless Bluetooth headset began to gradually enter the field of vision of the public consumers, and began to become one of the necessary accessories of people's mobile phones. When it comes to wireless Bluetooth headset, we have to mention Apple's airplads, which is a more magical Bluetooth headset. His magic, you must know that his price is not low. A thousand yuan Bluetooth headset. What's the good about it? Is it worth us a thousand yuan? Let's have a look.

Small size, easy to carry

The first thing to say is portability. Airpods can be called thread cutting version of EarPods. The appearance design language is the same. There are some differences in the details. In order to add sensors and batteries, the airpods have two more openings and the wires have become a little thicker. So its advantage in portability is very big, even with its charging box, the volume is very small, especially compared with wired headphones, the advantage is still very obvious.

Seamless experience

When it comes to ease of use, you need to give airplads a big thumbs up. It adopts the Bluetooth enhancement technology and near-field pairing technology of the previous standard. Through the above, it can seamlessly connect all kinds of Apple products (Android devices can be supported through Bluetooth) through icloud, and it is also very fast in pairing speed. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it supports gesture touch recognition, for example, it supports double-click Siri, playing pause music, etc. when you take off the headset, it will also automatically pause playing. In the actual experience, these functions are very cool, which can be said to be full of technology.

The quality of sound that is inferior to superior

In fact, in a strict sense, there is no great breakthrough in the sound quality of wireless blue earphones at this stage, so simply speaking, their sound quality. Compared with the wired earpods, its overall effect has been slightly improved, and the three frequencies have become more balanced.

Black technology has its disadvantages

Of course, even such intelligent airplads are not without disadvantages. For the time being, it only has a white version. Both the earphone body and the charging box use a white design. The color of white makes it look more simple, which is the design style that apple always pursues. But after the friction of the white charging box in daily use, there will be scratches, not to mention some 'hand base Party' friends. It is also common for them to rotate 360 degrees and then fall to the ground.

And even if you are very careful when using it, it will show obvious signs of yellowing after using it for a long time, which will greatly affect the appearance. So what to do when this happens? The battery box is very important for airplads. It is necessary to place and charge the battery box when it is not in use. If you put a protective cover on the battery and cover it, you can effectively prevent the battery box from being scratched.

For the selection of battery box protective cover, the suggestion of small knitting is that leather cover is the best, because on the one hand, it has strong protection, and the friction in daily use will not affect it at all. On the other hand, the texture of leather will also improve the level of airplads, and the appearance will be better.

In general, the performance of airpods is really satisfying, especially for Apple users, who can seamlessly experience the one-stop experience it brings. So, for those who have already bought an airport or are about to start an airport, remember to protect it. Don't lose one. It's very troublesome.