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How to clean the white sheet when it turns yellow

As we all know, white sheets are very plain. Many people especially like to use white sheets, so how to remove blood stains on white sheets? May as well and small make up understand next!

How to clean the white sheet when it turns yellow

How to wash white sheets when they turn yellow

1. Rinse with bleach water, preferably add some white vinegar in the rinse water, so as to maintain the natural color of white silk fabric, and effectively avoid the yellowing of white bedspread.

2. When there are stubborn stains on the white bedspread that are difficult to remove, take a lemon slice and boil water, then put the white bedspread in water for soaking, and wash it after soaking for about 15 minutes.

3. When drying the white sheet, turn it around. The bottom of the sheet is sunny and the top is shady.

4. Add hydrogen peroxide to the washing water of the white bedspread. The bleached silk and wool fabrics can use 3% concentration hydrogen peroxide. The liquid volume is 10 times of the weight of the fabric. Add a little ammonia water to make it weak alkaline. After soaking for 5-10 hours, wash it and dry it.

5. If it is artificial fiber white bedspread, add some salt in the water when cleaning, if it is some advanced material, add a small amount of alum on the bedspread, which can avoid the problem of fire and reduce the yellowing and fading of the bedspread.

6. If there is more dirt on the white sheet, you can use radish soup to clean it. After washing, you will find that the sheet is as clean as new.

7. In a basin of clean cold water, drop 3-5 drops of pure blue ink, mix well by hand, put the cleaned white sheet into the water, mix well up and down for 3-5 times, and then pull out to dry.

8. When washing the white sheets, you can also use skim milk to soak them, or add 2 tablespoons of milk into the water for the last rinse, so that the washed sheets are not easy to turn yellow.

9. When washing the white bedspread, put the orange peel into the pot and heat it to boil. Soak and scrub the white bedspread with yellow soup water, then the clothes will be as white as new. In order to make the white bedspread whiter, you can soak it in the detergent solution, add the bleaching powder, and wash it after 20-30 minutes. Or often wash with rice washing water, which can effectively prevent the yellow and other problems of white sheets.

How to remove the blood stains on the white bedspread

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Underwear cleaner cleaning

Underwear detergent contains special substances to remove blood stains, so it is most suitable to use underwear detergent to clean old blood stains. However, the method of use is to wet the bed sheet where the blood stains are, then pour on the underwear detergent and rub it for a few times, and then wash the blood stains according to the normal washing procedure.

2. Lemon juice cleaning

Lemon juice has a strong stain removal effect. The old blood stains on the bedspread can be soaked and scrubbed with lemon juice and salt water, which can also effectively remove blood stains.

3. Wash radish with salt water

If you find blood on the sheet, you can clean the sheet with cold water or salt water first, then smear white radish mud on the back of the sheet stained with blood, rub it with your hands, and finally rinse it with water.

4. Sulfur soap cleaning

Both new and old bloodstains can be removed with sulfur soap. Soak the bloodstained place on the bed sheet with cold water, and then rub the bed sheet with sulfur soap to remove the bloodstain quickly.

5. Clean with oxalic acid concentrate

If the blood stain on the bedspread becomes dark brown, it is because the iron in the hemoglobin is oxidized in the air to generate rust. This kind of rust can be washed off with oxalic acid concentrate, and can be dissolved with oxalic acid, so that the blood stain on the bedspread can be removed.

6. Ammonia or hydrogen peroxide cleaning

If the bloodstain has been on the bedspread for a long time, you can use 10% ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide to wipe the bedspread stained with blood, and then wash it with cold water after a period of time. If it is still not clean, wash it with 10% - 15% oxalic acid solution, and finally clean it with clean water.