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What harm does mosquito repellent incense do to babies? How to expel mosquito is harmless to babies

What harm does mosquito repellent incense do to babies? How to expel mosquito is harmless to babies there are many mosquitoes in summer, and mosquito repellent incense is the longest product we use. However, for families with babies, electric mosquito repellent incense should be cautious, because mosquito repellent incense is harmful to their babies' health. What harm does mosquito repellent incense do to babies? Which mosquito repellent method is harmless to the baby? Let's have a look.

What harm does mosquito repellent incense do to infants

Mosquito repellent incense is harmful to infants. The effective components of mosquito repellent incense are pyrethroid insecticides, which account for about 1%, and other organic fillers, adhesives, dyes and other additives account for 99%. Pyrethroids are the most common, including pyrethroids, chlorofluoroethers, etc., most of which are low toxic pesticides. In addition, when mosquito repellent incense is not completely burned, it will release carcinogens such as benzene, which may induce asthma and cancer registration forms, and affect the development of infants.

How harmful is mosquito repellent incense

The amount of particles released by burning a roll of mosquito repellent incense is about the same as that of burning about 100 cigarettes. The ultrafine particles released by mosquito repellent incense can enter and remain in the lungs, which may cause asthma in the short term and may be more serious in the long term. And the carcinogens produced by incomplete combustion of mosquito repellent incense accessories, as well as some compounds that can stimulate the upper respiratory tract, may cause poisoning.

What's the method of mosquito repellent for babies

1. In summer, it is best to use safe and natural methods to repel mosquitoes, such as using mosquito nets or screens to isolate mosquitoes from the outside of the room.

2. Or put a few boxes of cool oil and essential balm in the bedroom.

3. When bathing your baby, you can add some precious water or dew in the water, which can play a certain role in mosquito repellent. Before going to bed, you can use an electric mosquito swatter to kill mosquitoes, and then let the baby sleep in the mosquito net.

4. You can buy about 20 grams of dried lotus leaf in the supermarket or drugstore, sew it in a small cloth bag, and then put it beside your baby. Mosquitoes will leave when they smell mint leaf.

5. Clean the place where mosquitoes breed and breed, especially the place with water. Mosquitoes will lay eggs in still water and soon hatch into larvae. Therefore, clear the water in front of and behind the house and indoor, which can effectively prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.