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Is electric mosquito repellent harmful to human body? Can it still be used after expiration

Is electric mosquito repellent harmful to human body? Can it still be used after expiration as we all know, electric mosquito repellent liquid is in small bottles. When not in use, it can be taken down to avoid waste. However, electric mosquito repellent liquid also has a shelf life. Many friends want to know if it can be used when it is expired? Let's have a look.

Is mosquito repellent liquid harmful to human body

Qualified mosquito repellent liquid is less harmful. Generally, the main component of mosquito repellent liquid is pyrethroids, and the content of pyrethroids in mosquito repellent incense is very small. The concentration of pyrethroids is very low now. Moreover, pyrethroids do not pose a great threat to mammalian animals. Its main function is to paralyze the nervous system of insects to cause death of insects.

However, it is better not to use in the room with pregnant women and infants, because the substances produced by electric heating are not clear and the pyrethroids themselves will have a little impact. Pregnant women and infants should try to use less mosquito repellent liquid and reduce the use time. If there is a fish tank in the room, do not use mosquito repellent liquid. Pyrethroids are harmful to fish. If you want to use them, it is recommended to move the tank to another place.

Is mosquito repellent liquid effective after expiration

Expired is still valid. If we don't look at the expiration date, the efficacy of the expired mosquito repellent is almost the same as that of the expired mosquito repellent. So we can keep it when we can't use it out in the first year. We should pay attention to keep it in a cool place, and it can't be exposed to the sun. In the second year, it's still effective. It can also play the role of mosquito repellent.

What is the shelf life of mosquito repellent liquid

Generally, the shelf life of mosquito repellent liquid is about 2 years. Generally, the mosquito repellent liquid can be used next year after this year's use. Generally, the production date and shelf life will be written on the mosquito repellent liquid. If you want to know the detailed shelf life, please look at the above.