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Yinyang division may 9 experience service update notice what's the new content of the experience clothes of Yin Yang teachers on May 9? How long does it last? What is the updated compensation? I hope this May 9 experience service update announcement of Yin Yang division can help you!

Yinyang division may 9 experience service update notice

Dear master Yinyang:

In order to bring you a better experience of the game, the server that is the first to experience the service will stop the service maintenance from 6:00-9:00 on Wednesday, May 9. If it is not completed on time, the service opening time will be postponed. Please pay attention to the update announcement later or check the game login interface after maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to enter the server to play games. Please forgive me for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support as always! (bow)

Important update

1. New SSR level facial aura comes to Ping'an capital

2. Update the plot & middot; fanwai \ 'the city of fireworks \' * human beings and monsters bathe in the brilliant light and shadow of the night sky, which seems to be a peaceful picture, and the unknown haze quietly falls in the lively ceremony.

In front of yuzao, the legendary monster, a hazy car and frogs came to visit Ping'an city. In a joking tone, there was a hidden resentment against human beings. What's his plan? Everything will be revealed in fanwai, the city of flowers and fire.

*Yin and Yang master can experience the "city of flowers" in the exploration of the peaceful hundred stories.

3. The small paper man in the Daoist Pavilion purchases the breakthrough bonus attribute with the help of the Yin and Yang teachers and adults to successfully break through the other Daoist Pavilion! * the president or vice president purchases the breakthrough bonus attribute at the small paper man's place, and the whole staff gets the attribute promotion.

*Eight Yin and Yang masters will get an extra lucky bonus and share it with Laoyou.

*The lucky bonus of Laoyou will be rewarded after the breakthrough.

4. Lower the threshold of participation in Daoguan's play * improve the bottom guarantee reward that the defenders can get on that day after Daoguan is broken through, so as to protect the basic income of the vulnerable yinyangliao.

*The lower limit of challenge gold for Daoist Pavilion breakthrough was lowered, and the threshold for xiaoyinliao to participate in Daoist Pavilion breakthrough was lowered.

*It lowered the lower limit of the Liao medal for building the Daoist Pavilion and lowered the threshold for xiaoyinliao to participate in the Daoist Pavilion.

5. Game guessing! Play method update!

*Activity time: 12:00, April 27 - 23:59, May 1 * Please prepare your gold coins, observe the team participating in the game and leave! * guess and join the war for confirmation! Ghost lamp, incense, peach mustard!

*New play method: turn over reward comes! In order to reward those Yin and Yang masters with unique insight, if you are a minority when you win the contest, you will get an extra turn over reward!

*New play method: random bonus! In the match at 12-23 every day, there will be a certain probability to be promoted to the bonus game, and winning the contest in the bonus game will get extra bonus!

*New achievements in game guessing! * there will be a full service announcement at the beginning and 15 minutes before the end of each game, so that master Yin and Yang will not miss the chance of guessing any more!

*Now when you look at the team details, they are sorted by speed from high to low.

*Adjusted some kinds of soul controlling options for Shishen.

6. The income of the order of meeting the devil in this world is up!

*In order to thank you for your active participation in the game of meeting the devil in the world, from April 27 to May 3, the income of the medal of "meeting the devil in the world" doubled after four times of "meeting the devil in the world". Let's gather together the members to participate!

7. Balance adjustment of Shishen: * among the effects of LV5, the basic indirect damage caused to non dazed enemies is reduced from 156% to 136%.

*When the ghost emissary Bai [impermanence, lethal] skill awakens, the poison effect attached to each damage is reduced from level 4 to level 3.

*Shuweng and Vientiane Book reduce the proportion of indirect damage caused by cursed Tianshu effect added to enemy targets,

The specific adjustments are as follows: after [wandering] is strengthened to level 3, the damage ratio of curse Tianshu copy applied to the enemy target with the lowest life ratio is reduced from 100% to 50%. The basic effect curse Tianshu copy damage ratio is reduced from 100% to 50%;

After strengthening to level 2, the damage replication rate is reduced from 150% to 75%; after strengthening to level 4, the damage replication rate is reduced from 200% to 100%.

*The basic damage of tube Fox's ability is increased from 211% to 221%.

*Lord Qingfang's Buddha light ignition probability increased from 66% to 100%

8. The leader's guide function is online * the new leader's guide function is online. The teachers of yin and yang can view it at the guide leader guide.

*Master Yinyang can unlock the leader's seal when he gets the corresponding leader's badge.

9. Badge wall function online

*With the new badge wall function online, master Yin and yang can view all the acquired badges on the friend space badge page!

*Add the badge marks of four assembly leaders: Earth spider, skeleton, earthquake catfish and mirage tower. Let's fight against them.

10. Added the review function of the recollection scroll. Click the cherry tree in the courtyard to view the video of the finished recollection scroll.

11. Call friends and get back to Kyoto! * during the activity, return to Yin and Yang teachers and log in to the game, which can form a binding relationship with the active Yin and Yang teachers.

After binding, the returning Yin and Yang master can complete the specified return task, and can obtain different amounts of corresponding points for both sides. Both sides can use the corresponding points to exchange for the specified rewards. *Each returning yin-yang teacher can bind up to one active yin-yang teacher, and each active yin-yang teacher can bind up to three returning yin-yang teachers. *The specific rules and reward exchange requirements are detailed in the specified activities page of the game.

12. The world's demon covenant, the king of the devil of dajianghu comes! * activity time: April 29-may 1 (11:00-19:00 every day)

*Venue: dajianghu, Lianquan (Shanghai Xinzhuang store)

*During the activity, yin and Yang masters who participated in the offline activities of "living demon contract & middot; Yin and Yang masters and fengwenquan tales" can find the ghost king huibishou within 3km of the activity range!

Group attack ghost king has a chance to drop lbs offline activity limited head picture frame \ 'meet each other in the world \', and has a lot of gold coin experience rewards! Yin Yang master who is not on the scene can also participate in the group to get rewards!

13. Surrounding houses: full of personality! The new summer clothes of Yinyang division in 2018 come on the stage with colorful colors and full of personality.

In addition to tsmu boy, jiutun boy and treading wave Damo, there are slogan T-shirts made in ink. From now on, click [store] to enter [surrounding house] to rush to buy.