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How does Cheng Yaojin score in the glory of King S11 season the new S11 season is in hot competition. Let's take a look at Cheng Yaojin's score today? Here's a brief introduction to Cheng Yaojin, who brings you the glory of the king. I hope this detailed introduction can help you.

How does Cheng Yaojin score in the glory of King S11 season

[basic introduction]

Class: Warrior / tank

Specialty: Breakthrough / reply

Inscription recommendation:

Red destiny (physical defence + 23, Max HP + 337, attack speed + 10%)

Blue harmony (maximum HP + 450, movement speed + 4%, 52 HP every 5 seconds)

Green void (max HP + 375, cooldown + 6%)

Glyph total attribute bonus: physical defence + 23, maximum HP + 1162, attack speed + 10%, movement speed + 4%, regenerate HP every 5 seconds, cooldown + 6%

Skill recommendation of Summoner: dizziness / treatment

[recommended loading]

Six gods Costume: red lotus Cape + boots of resistance + eyes of immortal birds + anti injury stabbing armor + extreme cold storm + rage of blood devil

Early stage: red lotus Cape + boots of resistance

Analysis: the damage caused by passive sacrifice of red lotus Cape will increase with the increase of Cheng Yaojin's maximum HP. The damage is not bad, and there is a certain maximum HP and physical defense bonus. The passivity of the resistance boots can reduce Cheng Yaojin's controlled time and make him come and go freely in both individual and group battles.

Metaphase: anti injury stab nail + Eye of immortal bird

Analysis: the passivity of the eye of the immortal bird can greatly improve the recovery effect of the bloodless hero, and improve the self-protection ability of Cheng Yaojin, who has strong recovery ability. While the anti injury stab armor brings high physical defense bonus to Cheng Yaojin, the passivity can also rebound part of the physical damage to the attacker.

Later stage: extreme cold storm + rage of blood devil

Analysis: extreme cold storm is a high bonus equipment for physical defense and cooling reduction. After being triggered passively, it can also reduce the attack speed and speed of the surrounding enemies, making Cheng Yaojin play a significant role in sticking to people or escaping. Although the bonus of blood devil's wrath is low, the high shield and some physical attack bonus after triggering the passive can greatly improve Cheng Yaojin's anti killing ability.

[practical skills]

In the early stage, when fighting against the double Road, the previous single is basically to choose the four levels of obscenity, which is basically understood by all of us. In particular, Cheng Yaojin, a hero who has lost his life value in releasing skills, is more difficult to control his blood than other heroes, as long as he is obscene and eats tower soldiers. After level 4, Cheng Yaojin's fighting method can be a little more unrestrained. Pay attention to the release distance of the two skills after the breakthrough of one skill, so that both damage effects can hit. Or go to the enemy's wild area to make money, but pay attention to keep a skill to escape through the wall.

In the middle and later period, he mainly led the enemy to come back for defense. Cheng Yaojin can use the resources of the line and the enemy's wild area to quickly accumulate economy, while letting other teammates push the way or take the tyrant to dominate.

In the regiment war, the enemy's core output position is the target, which makes it unable to output at ease. When being surrounded by many people, it's better to start a big move to maintain the blood volume around half blood, and then retreat to wait for the next big move to refresh at the end of the big move's duration.