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How to improve sesame credit score

Many Alipay users do not pay much attention to sesame credit and feel that they have little to do with their lives. In fact, sesame credit is closely related to our lives. The users with high credit reputation can not only borrow more money, but also enjoy more convenience. So how to improve sesame credit score? tp://

The high credit score of sesame can enjoy more services brought by Alipay. For example, you can have a higher amount of flowers, more than 600 points, and a chance to collect borrowed money. For example, if a credit score is above 700 points, if you are going to Singapore, visa processing can save many processes.

However, these people are very worried about the low credit score. Why is my sesame seed so low? I also use Alipay credit card every month, and I also pay for the electricity and gas. The mobile phone fee has always been paid by Alipay, but my score is still the same after every update, so whether it is based on the psychology of comparison, or wants to enjoy more services, in order to raise the price, With a high credit score of sesame, some people began to use "crooked" brains. For example, the use of frequent transfer of accounts, or even using the new version of Alipay's IOU function "brush" sesame seeds, the Internet also circulated out all kinds of sesame sub 'brush sub secret'. So how are these realized? Can we really improve sesame credit score by using these 'secret scripts'?

According to the editor, sesame credit score is based on Alibaba's e-commerce transaction data and ant financial's Internet financial data. It comprehensively processes and evaluates massive information data. Sesame credit data covers credit card repayment, online shopping, transfer, financial management, water, electricity and coal payment, rental information, address relocation history, social relations, etc. It mainly includes five dimensions, that is, user credit history, behavior preference, performance ability, identity characteristics and relationship. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

(don't laugh at Xiaorong's low score, I'm a glass heart & hellip;.)

It can be seen that the score of Zhima credit score of Xiaobian is higher in the direction of relationship. Among the five dimensions mentioned above, the dimension of interpersonal relationship is also the most difficult to judge, because transfer cannot determine whether there is a real transaction background or interpersonal relationship background. Therefore, some people use this to improve the score of relationship by frequent mutual transfer, and to improve the overall score of sesame credit.

Exploit loopholes to 'brush' sesame credit score

According to the Securities Daily, many people have put up advertisements on many social platforms, microblogs or forums to help improve sesame's credit rating.

In fact, the specific operation of score swiping is very simple, that is, a transfers a certain amount to B, which is unlimited. B immediately transfers the money back to a intact after receiving the account. After this operation, through continuous transfer, increase the score of personal relationship. Although the score of interpersonal relationship only accounts for one of the five dimensions, improving the score of this item also helps to improve the overall score.

What is even more frightening is that mutual transfer is only the first step in the "brush party", and even more powerful, that is, using the new function of the new version of Alipay -- IOU. As with mutual transfer, the "brush branch" party "borrows money from each other, and then" repay money "in time. Repeat the operation to improve sesame score. Obviously, the "brush score party" is to use the loophole of sesame credit scoring system to improve its credit score by independently increasing transaction activity, improving interpersonal relationship and highlighting the ability of performance.

Can 'swipe the secret script' really improve sesame credit score?

Does it really work to improve sesame's score in disguise by transferring money or making a loan? Xiaobian found the answer in sesame's official micro blog. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

On July 23, sesame credit's official microblog published a "inner monologue" microblog. The article said that: the core of sesame credit is actually tens of billions of data, using pages, rank, Bayes and other extremely difficult to read and understand tens of millions of algorithms, built a variety of models, such as spider web office to form a huge core, each small point is equivalent to a model.

Translation: the meaning of this passage is that the model of sesame credit score is quite huge and complex. In a word, the summary is very awesome. Ordinary people can't understand it at all.

When it comes to using transfer to others to increase the share, sesame credit said that one or more transfer information plays a very small role in presenting the credit status. Each index in the spider layer is more than ten million. A single action, in fact, has little effect on the rising score. Taking transfer as an example, transfer is only an action between people, and sesame credit relationship model will carry out multi-dimensional analysis, such as: relationship strength index, social relationship model, influence index, etc. Relationship strength refers to the number of scenes in which a relationship (good ambiguous look & hellip; hellip;) is just like a relationship between friends and wine. No matter how much such a relationship is useless, only in-depth friendship can interaction in multiple scenes be considered as a strong relationship. So don't think that one move will increase the score.

Translation: that is to say, those "brush" secret scripts circulated on the Internet are actually mixed. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Therefore, since all the officials have come out to say that swiping the secret script will not help sesame improve its credit score, we should not be obsessed. Just like sesame credit said: 'every little bit is precious, and the most important thing is accumulation'. Credit promotion is a step-by-step process, so as long as everyone constantly accumulates at ordinary times, their sesame scores will gradually increase. Here, I will teach you a few tricks to increase your sesame credit score.

1, the use of Alipay credit card repayment function and timely return. Paying back your credit card in time will prove that you can pay back. The more credit cards are associated, the higher the credit limit, and the more likely sesame score is to increase.

2. Most of them spend on the shopping platforms of Alibaba, such as tmall, Taobao, and jujiasuan. Sesame may regard online shopping behavior as the data source of credit evaluation. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

3, buy more financial products on Alipay, such as balance treasure, trick treasure. (although the income of yu'ebao has been declining, but it's better than the fixed deposit of the bank. It's not & hellip; & hellip;)

4, multi purpose Alipay transfer. Of course, it's best to transfer money with friends who are familiar with you and have good credit.

5, more use of life services provided by Alipay. Such as water and electricity coal payment, rental information, hotel air tickets booking and other functions.

6, use Alipay to donate your love more and let sesame credit know you are a good person. Alipay has an entrance to love donation. If regular donations are made, the accumulated credit limit will also increase.

7. Complete your personal information. The current sesame credit score has an extra '+' sign. Click it to add more information. The more complete the supplement, the more helpful it will be to the improvement of sesame credit score.

At last, the four seas editor should remind you that if someone tells you that you can brush sesame seeds, you must have a long mind and don't be deceived, so as to avoid losing your wife and turning into a soldier.