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What's wrong with a woman with spots all over her body Recently, a woman with moles all over her body has attracted attention. In addition to being full of spots, she has a large birthmark, which makes people with intensive phobia fear when they see it, but her brave attitude towards life is encouraging. So what strange disease does the woman have? Let's see the details below! (this article is edited and arranged by, reprinted and noted the source, original link: http://www.4h

According to the daily mail on June 28, Evita delmundo, a 20-year-old Malaysian woman, was born with dark brown spots all over her body and a large birthmark from her neck to her shoulder. Because of these moles, she suffered a lot. However, as she grew older, her friends gradually accepted Ivetta, and she became more confident. At present, Ivetta has participated in the audition of Miss Universe Malaysia. Such courage and confidence are worthy of praise.

Ivetta was born in Kalimantan with a mother from the Philippines and a father from Malaysia. When she was a child, because of her mole, no children played with her, and she was also called "monster" and "chocolate biscuit" by them, which led to her introverted character. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

When she grows up, Ivetta wants to get rid of the moles, but doctors don't recommend it because it's not good for her health. So, at the age of 16, Ivetta decided to accept the look of God. Experts said that these nevus and ordinary nevus are no different, but the density is due to gene mutation caused by gene defects, which makes the enzyme in the body too active.

At present, Ivetta works in a coffee shop. She hopes to inspire more people to accept her body with her story and attitude. On June 17, she auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia. As for whether she can enter the next round of competition, Ivetta said that if she fails, she will participate in other competitions. It is important that she begins to accept and like herself, and has the courage to show her difference.