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Eight reasons why Indians eat with their hands

Sihaiwang: Indian films have been popular recently. Careful friends must have noticed that the Indians in the film don't have tableware when they eat. They eat with their hands. Why is that? Xiaobian found a lot of information, but he found some answers. Most Indians like to use their hands when smashing potatoes or dipping deer meat in hot and sour sauce. These feelings can only be satisfied when eating with hands. To experience happiness, here are some other reasons why Indians eat with their hands.

Eight reasons why Indians eat with their hands

1、 Food tastes better when eating by hand

When you eat with your hands, the food will taste better. A plate of rice is placed in front of you in fancy cutlery, choose your lovely, flexible fingers. Indians are famous for all kinds of food. It's wiser to eat by hand to feel the richness of Indian food.

2、 You feel comfortable

It's very comfortable to eat with a pair of chopsticks, don't you agree? The reason why Indians eat with their hands is that it gives them great comfort and allows them to enjoy the food, so eating with their hands is also very comfortable for them.

3、 You can lick the last

When you like eating, you don't mind licking the last thing! It's possible when you eat with your hands. All you need to do is slide your fingers across the plate and taste the last few delicious things. This is another reason to eat with your hands is beneficial.

4、 Tableware is not good

Tableware is a nuisance. Every time you use one, you're confused about how to cut food. Children should stay away from tableware as much as possible until they learn the art of using it. Eating by hand reduces some inconveniences and other problems.

5、 Experience the temperature of food

When eating with your hands, you can verify the temperature of the food and prevent burns to the mouth. Isn't it the Savior?

6、 Food has positive energy

Food contains all kinds of external energy, positive factors, negative effects, pain, emotions, thoughts and so on. Now, when passing from different people, such as vegetable or spice sellers, chefs and waiters, we believe that hands help to clean all external energy without affecting people's souls.

7、 Get the smell of bacteria

We have some bacteria, called normal flora, found in our palms. This kind of bacteria is harmless to human beings. However, they can protect us from many harmful bacteria outside the environment. When you eat with your hands, the plants in your hands are swallowed. It is actually good for health and various body parts such as the mouth, throat, intestines and intestines.

8、 The smell of spices

It may sound big, but it's real. When you eat with your hands, no matter how hard you try, the fragrance of spices always stays behind. This is one of the reasons why Indians eat with their hands.