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Big guy in the circle of friends? What's the matter with Ma Huateng's anger against Zhang Yiming's s

Sihai network: on May 8th, today's headline CEO Zhang Yiming sent a celebration circle Tiktok Q1 Apple store to download the world's first circle of friends. It did not expect to trigger a "war of words" with Tencent CEO.

Big guy in the circle of friends? What's the matter with Ma Huateng's anger against Zhang Yiming's slander

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Zhang Yiming in WeChat circle of friends said: "WeChat's excuse to kill, micro copy plagiarism can not stop the pace of shaking. "Ma Huateng said openly that he was not good at home in the circle of friends. He was not happy after reading this, and replied:" it can be understood as slander. '

Then Zhang Yiming replied: 'the former is not suitable for discussion, and the latter has been notarizing. I didn't want to have a quarrel. I just couldn't help complaining and was criticized by pr. I'll send you the materials separately. 'ma Huateng is not a fuel-efficient lamp naturally. He replied:' too many of them need to be notarized. '

In fact, as early as last year, the two had disputes over content. On June 29, 2017, the people's Court of Haidian District, Beijing, awarded compensation of 270000 yuan to for today's headlines, which resulted from the controversy caused by 287 articles of reprinted without permission on today's headlines, and ended with Tencent's victory as the copyright owner of the works.

But recently, because of WeChat friend circle shielding noise, the two sides dispute again. To this end, Tencent responded at that time: in order to avoid the impact of link swiping on the reading experience of the circle of friends, wechat set anti swiping restrictions on the spread of links within the circle of friends.

36 krypton reported in a report in March this year that reports about 'trembling sniper quick, killing micro-blog, killing friends circle' continued. In addition, the decline in WeChat and QQ users' year-on-year growth, as well as the surge of users and the increase in usage time, have raised the alarm of the social giant Tencent.

"On the surface, Tencent is afraid of affecting its friends' experience or fair competition, but behind it is a social short video battle," the report said. '

The channel was closed, the APP was off the shelf, the content section was shut down, the voice was turned off live and the comment … … before today's headlines were heavily supervised, the Tencent chose to resurrect the micro vision that had already been shut down, and the news of the $3 billion subsidy was circulating in the circle of friends.

As Zhang Yiming and Ma Huateng's circle of friends are tit for tat this time, there is no doubt that there is a commercial war between the two companies. At present, the fuse is still short social video.