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Do you know the taboos of Dragon Boat Festival the annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming. It is not only a day to commemorate Qu Yuan, the great poet, but also a very taboo. Let's take a look at what taboos there are on the festival.

Do you know the taboos of Dragon Boat Festival

Do not hold festive activities on Dragon Boat Festival

The most important content of Dragon Boat Festival is to offer sacrifices to ancestors. It is not suitable to say blessings to others, nor to hold and participate in opening, wedding, celebration and other festive activities. In addition, Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of may in the lunar calendar every year, which is the "day of Yang Gong's death". It must not be selected as a day to handle important matters such as opening, starting work, marriage and signing contracts.

No swimming in the river on the day of Dragon Boat Festival

Since May is a bad month, it's an unlucky day to be in the fifth grade. Therefore, swimming is forbidden in some places, especially in places where people have drowned. Because on the Dragon Boat Festival, the "drowning ghost" is the most fierce, and it needs to find a substitute to return the sun, so there is a custom of throwing zongzi into the river to share the custom of avoiding it as a substitute.

Avoid eating zongzi at home on Dragon Boat Festival

In ancient times, when a daughter married and lived in her husband's house for a long time, she seldom met her parents. From the beginning of Tang Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty, there was a custom of returning to my mother's home at Dragon Boat Festival. But in Shandong, it is said that a married girl should not go back to her mother's house before the Dragon Boat Festival, that is, she should not spend the Dragon Boat Festival in her mother's house. Because the folk saying, "after eating my mother's Dragon Boat Festival zongzi, my whole family died.".

No housing during Dragon Boat Festival

The ancients believed that may was the ninth poison month, and Dragon Boat Festival was the first day of the ninth poison. When the heaven and earth gas field is not right, it will inevitably affect people's body and mind, so if you have sex on the ninth poison day, you must be poisoned by evil. Therefore, the ancient motto forbids the Dragon Boat Festival, and stipulates that from the first day to the fifth day of May, women should return to their parents' home and spend their time at home. Husband and wife are separated, and this day is designated as "the day of returning to their families".

Dragon Boat Festival anti poison gas attack

As mentioned earlier, Dragon Boat Festival is poison moon. From the perspective of the lunar weather, it's about the summer solstice, so it's also the most sunny day of the year. From the perspective of the five elements, if any of the five elements is too strong or too weak, it will form an evil atmosphere, which will pose a threat and harm to the natural climate or human health. Therefore, the Dragon Boat Festival needs to be on the door, inserted AI, inserted peach technology, inserted Changpu to exorcise ghosts; smoked Atractylodes, Angelica dahurica, drinking realgar wine and so on.

There are many taboos for children in Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is not only a day of five evils, but also a very important day for children's physical and mental health. Therefore, there are many taboos about children, for example, Dragon Boat Festival is not suitable for children's birth; babies under one year old should be sent to grandma's house to hide from disasters; children should eat two duck eggs early on the day of Dragon Boat Festival, and sprinkle realgar wine on children to drive away insects and evil spirits and protect their health. In the north, children have the custom of wearing sachets to drive away evil spirits. And the sachet worn by children cannot be lost. It is said that if children lose the sachet they wear, there will be a disaster within one year. After the Dragon Boat Festival, children should throw their sachets into the water so as to avoid fire.