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Peace elite desert map how to play sniper peace elite sniper gun attack strategy

Peace elite desert map how to play sniper peace elite sniper gun attack strategy in addition to rifles, sniper guns are the most popular among peace elites. Sniper guns can kill enemies in the distance and hide their positions. It's a perfect match for sniper guns with multiple mirrors. However, many players can't play sniper in the map. Let's take a look at the desert map and play sniper gun strategy.

When it comes to the sniper advantage of desert map, we have to mention the features of desert map. As we all know, there are many bunkers, trees and grass in the 'Jueming island'. Even in the wheat fields in the plain, players can play Voldemort to gain the advantage of concealment. In the desert map, none of these features exist. There are small trees and less grass. It's impossible to avoid enemy damage by returning trees, because trees are thinner than people. If you want to use grass as a cover, it's basically impossible, because there are only a few grass spots in the bare desert, and there is no ambush, as long as you're not afraid of being blown by the 98K on the mountain.

Terrain utilization

The biggest difference between "passion desert" and "Jueming island" lies in the change of blocking mode and shooting mode, especially the shooting method of sniper gun. In the desert map, sniping enemy can be divided into two situations, one is substantive cover, the other is non substantive cover. If there is a shelter, we will not talk about it. If there is no shelter, we will 'pretend' to have a shelter.

The use of terrain can provide us with good shielding effect to a large extent, and the common slopes and depressions are ideal locations for blocking points. If 98K is used, we can aim at the enemy and shoot at the high slope position. In the vacuum period after shooting, we can pull the mobile rocker backward to the slope to avoid the enemy's bullets. After loading, continue shooting operation, which is a typical terrain 'bunker'. In the same way, the 'hollow' also has excellent cover ability. In terms of attack and defense, compared with the slope, the movement control is easier, but relatively afraid of the enemies in the middle and short distance, because throwing weapons can be easily thrown into the 'pit'. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance from the enemy and avoid the damage of throwing weapons.

Playing skills

Finish using terrain in the desert map of sniper gun shooting skills. Because of the different characteristics of the map, the practicability of the static shooting mode in desert map has become very little. In order to reduce the chance of being shot, we need to keep flexible movement when using the sniper gun against the opponent's gun. Of course, in order to ensure the stability of the lens, it is necessary to stop immediately before the shooting, and immediately resume the moving state after the shooting.

There's another tip to note. When using single shot sniper, the shot will be closed for a period of time after shooting, and it will be slightly difficult to adjust the collimation. Because the speed of the shot is the same as the opening state, many players will find that they can't drag the shot. To avoid this problem, after shooting, you must click the opening button again, and you can quickly return to the normal field of vision, and quickly adjust the collimation according to the screen collimation After the field of vision is calibrated, the lens can be opened again to avoid the problem that it is difficult to adjust the lens in the case of continuous shooting.

There is no doubt that because of the characteristics of the map, desert map will become a paradise for many sniper gun enthusiasts. If you want to improve your ranking in this mode, it is imperative to practice sniper!

The above is all about the strategy of the Jedi survival and peace elite desert map sniper gun. Because of the reason of the new map, compared with the old map, there are fewer shelters, less green vegetation, and the advantage of sniper can be brought into play