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There are five mysterious eggs on the peace elite training Island, you know

Four seas network: peace elite map has a very magical place, that is training island. I believe many players already know the island well. It should be said that it is similar to the birth island. No weapon can kill the enemy or yourself here. The training island itself is not very big, so many players have been familiar with the island once or twice. However, I don't know if you noticed that there are five mysterious eggs on the training island. How many more have you found?

There are five mysterious eggs on the peace elite training Island, you know

All five eggs are concentrated on the container viaduct. Wang's explanation will introduce you from the bottom to the top. First of all, this amazing haystack. I don't know if you have noticed that there is a haystack in the middle of the container, and the players can freely pass through it. There is no obstruction at all to the character except for the obstruction of sight. Do you want to find a little sister to drill the haystack?

The second is this wonderful grenade. As a very common weapon of peace elites, grenades can be said to have been seen by every player. But there was a grenade in this very hidden container. This is not a wonderful grenade, but a wonderful position. It can be said that players who are not very skilled or familiar with the location will not find here at all, even if they find it, they will not enter.

The third egg is also a grenade. It's also a wonderful place. As you can see, this is already a very high position. But this position is just a high air similar to the iron bridge. There is also a grenade here. Yes, nothing else, just a grenade. However, a lot of friends said that the grenade in this position is useful. If you want to go straight up to the top of the viaduct, this grenade is essential. Do you know how to use it?

The last two eggs are on the top board of the viaduct. The players who can come here either climb up from below after a long journey or use the two grenades just now to fly up directly. But no matter how it comes up, it's good to come up. When you come up, you'll find the place very rich. This is a desert Geely suit. It's the best prop that only appears in airdrop. Of course, there's a chicken beside the desert Geely suit.

Yes, it's this mysterious creature called "photon chicken". This is the fifth egg. The magic of this chicken is that no matter how you hit it, it will not die. Use a gun or a grenade. It's just standing in place, not noisy or dead. In addition to these five, do you have any other eggs? Let's talk about your discovery.