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What is yuepay? How to make money

Yuepay has been popular since 16 years, and there are still many users joining in every day. After all, one of the most exciting things about yuepay is that you can make money by more and more shopping in the mall. What is yuepay? What about? How to make money?

What is yuepay?

Yue Yue has more'APP mobile payment software. First of all, it is a software that can pay and collect money. But it is not a third party payment. It is an integrated channel that integrates third party payment. As long as you click on the mobile phone interface, you will enter the platform of Yue Yue more. When you pay, you will enter your customary payment platform, such as Alipay, Fu Tong Tong, WeChat transfer and so on to pay any funds. All funds will be fully returned.

How can yuepay make money?

The principle is: as long as the payment is made through the app payment software platform, 84% of the payment will be sent to the merchant's account in seconds, and 16% will go to the fund pool hosted by the bank. At this time, the merchants received 16% less, but from the next day, they returned 16% of the merchants to the merchants at the rate of one thousandth of the stock every day, only making a profit postposition. And 100% of the consumption amount spent by consumers is also returned to consumers in full by one thousandth of the stock every day from the next day.

The first point is that the more Yuehua has consumed the full refund payment software, it is not omnipotent, not all businesses need to use Yuehua, only some businesses in some industries are enough. This requires businesses to check. The more Yuehua intercepts 16% of the consumption amount, which is equivalent to a discount of 80% for businesses to promote sales, so as to realize the full return of customers' consumption. Is this a cost-effective plan?