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2010 NBA Western semi-final warrior 3-1 Pelican video viewing address

2010 NBA Western semi-final warrior 3-1 Pelican video viewing address

Four seas: Western semi-final Game 3, warriors easily beat pelicans, 3-1 in the series ahead of opponents. To win, Durant is the biggest hero. He shot in and out, and got 38 points, killing the opponent severely. Durant played well, and the Warriors also limited Rondo, the pelican's organizational core. In the second game of the Western semi-finals, Rondo sent 21 assists, tore the warriors' defense with the passing, and led the team to win.

Live video address: Wssecret = mkeuaw0aondzmh0i v = DQ

In this game, Rondo's passing power declined sharply. In this game, only six assists were sent out, but four mistakes were made, which failed to play the role of the organization core. Rondo's loss of standards is largely due to clay Thompson. Different from the previous games, the warriors started with a small lineup. Green, who used to defend Rondo, went to focus on Davis. Clay Thompson played Rondo.

Thompson is the warrior's outside defense gate, and he has a lot of experience in defending Rondo. Because Rondo's ability of shooting in the middle distance is not good, especially the three-point shooting rate is poor, Thompson is also not able to throw when defending Rondo. Thompson gave Lang more space to shoot, but the latter couldn't shoot. Rondo's 10 shots are only 2, which can't change Thompson's defense at all.

In addition, Thompson's height reached 2.01 meters, Rondo's only 1.85 meters, and the latter suffered a lot in height. What's more, Thompson's speed is no slower than that of Lando, who can hardly rely on speed to get rid of his opponent. Under Thompson's defense, Rondo can't exert the power of the breakthrough, and can't deliver the good ball.

Limiting Rondo, the pelican was grabbed seven inches, unable to play fluent team basketball, and then was beaten by warriors. It can be seen that Thompson made a great contribution to the warriors' winning, and he also sacrificed the attack. Even so, Thompson is not useless in attack. Thompson also scored three points in the first quarter of the break, scoring 9 points and 4 rebounds in the first half alone.

Of course, Thompson's attack in the second half was so bad that only four points came in. In the whole game, Thompson only got 13 points, which is not comparable to Durant's or even to Curie's 23 points. However, many of Curie's scores are obtained when the win is set. In terms of the contribution of the game, he is not as good as Thompson.

Because there are two giants in Durant Curie, green, the core of the interior line, is a leader who likes to provoke right and wrong, and Thompson, as the third leader, is often ignored. In fact, in terms of the performance at both ends of the attack and defense, Thompson is the player who has contributed the most to Durant and is better than curigreen. It's just because Thompson is low-key that he doesn't seem so important.