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How to build wechat group in 2018

How to build wechat group in 2018 wechat is a very common chat software for us. It's very convenient to chat, video or share information. But sometimes we need to build a group to chat with friends at the same time in our work or life. Do you know how to build a group with wechat? The following editor will bring you the details of wechat group chat

How to build wechat group

Step 1, of course, the distribution of IOS or Android is the same. If you want to know how to build a wechat group, first open wechat.

Step 2. Click the "magic wand" sign in the upper right corner, and three pull-down menus will appear, among which chat will be initiated.

Step 3. Select a few friends we want to join the group and click OK. Then we can put them together and chat together. The name of the group can be modified at that position in the figure.

Step 4. In this way, when you talk in this chat group, several of them can receive and interact with each other. After learning how to build a wechat group, it's easy to quit the group.

Step 5. In the function settings, you can set your own nickname for the group. If the group quarrels with you, you can set no need to prompt message, etc.

Step 6. When you set up a group, wechat will automatically generate a QR code for you. If you need other wechat friends to join in, just ask them to scan the QR code.