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What's the matter with a man being fired from work wearing shorts Shanghai Hongkou court recently heard such a labor dispute case that sounds very wonderful. However, the judge told reporters that this kind of labor dispute is not a case. With the emergence of new forms of employment and the emergence of paperless office mode, all kinds of disputes between workers and employing units show increasingly complex characteristics.

What's the matter with a man being fired from work wearing shorts

Mr. Jin entered the company in 2016 and was punished for using his personal mobile phone in violation of the company's regulations and wearing shorts to work. Finally, the company terminated Mr. Jin's labor contract.

Mr. Jin, the plaintiff, believes that wearing shorts during the working period is not enough to be deemed as a serious violation of labor discipline in Article 25 of the labor law, and the procedure for terminating the labor contract is illegal, and the defendant's punishment notice is not received during the period. In the company's view, the company has informed Mr. Jin of relevant regulations before entering the company, and all employees have signed on the document for confirmation. 'the plaintiff wore shorts for three times during the working period, meeting the conditions of labor discipline and contract termination of the company. '

To this end, Mr. Jin sued the court and asked the employing unit to pay remuneration and various compensation, totaling over 25000 yuan. The court will decide on a trial date. In similar labor dispute cases, the judge found that with the increasingly complex relationship between workers and employers, many disputes are difficult to clarify. Among these endless conflicts and disputes, the most headache for judges is the cases in emerging industries, such as the disputes between online car Hailing platform and drivers. Because the driver's remuneration is a complex combination of rewards, fuel stickers and empty driving subsidies, and the employment relationship is not solid, it brings challenges to the adjudication of labor dispute cases.

In view of this kind of phenomenon, while cooperating with the labor arbitration department, the court also considers seeking cooperation with colleges and universities to explore new solutions.