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World table tennis final China 3-0 Germany China achieve 9 consecutive championships on May 6, Beijing time, the 2018 Halmstad group world table tennis competition in Sweden came to an end, and the Chinese team defended its title. In the final match with Germany, Malone swept ball 3-0 to get a good start, fan Zhendong and Xu Xin each scored 1 point, and China swept Germany 3-0 to win the title. The Chinese team has achieved the ninth consecutive title of the men's team, which is the 21st time to win the championship of the men's team.

World table tennis final China 3-0 Germany China achieve 9 consecutive championships

The 2018 team world table tennis tournament continued in Sweden last night, with China's men's team playing Germany in the final. There is no suspense in the game. Due to the absence of the main general ochalov, the German team lost a big loss of strength. Malone and fan Zhendong won three straight games. Xu Xin lost one game first and then reversed three consecutive games. The total score of the Chinese team was 3-0, taking the opponent lightly, achieving the ninth consecutive championship since 2001, and winning the swissling cup for the 21st time.

In this world table tennis competition, China's team swept the opponents with seven 3-0 from the group match to the knockout match, while Germany's team won seven times in a row, but in addition to two 3-0 in the group match, the other five games all lost points in varying degrees. After entering the knockout match, the 1 / 4 final beat Brazil 3-1. Facing the impact of South Korea's team in the semi-final, the team fell behind twice, relying on Boer's excellent play and franzska The performance of the decisive field, only 3-2 risk clearance. China's men's table tennis team has played with Germany's men's table tennis team in the final of the World Table Tennis Championships for four times, maintaining the record of winning all four times.

In the final, the Chinese team sent Malone, fan Zhendong and Xu Xin as the absolute main lineup, while the German team ochalov didn't play due to injury, with Boer, ferus and franzska playing.

Malone, fan Zhendong and Xu Xin are still the three main players who are most trusted. Malone's absolute core position is unbreakable. Fan Zhendong has entered the knockout competition and become braver and braver. Xu Xin has been performing steadily. The three players will continue to play an irreplaceable role in the Tokyo Olympic cycle. Lin Gaoyuan and Wang Chuqin, who played in the first world table tennis team competition, although they failed to appear in the knockout competition, they also got some exercise. Wang Chuqin also became the new world champion with the team.