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What's the score of Douban of Kunchi rock? 6.4? Is Kunchi rock really so beautiful kunchiyan is a real mental hospital, one of the seven creepy places of terror in the world. According to CNN, it is also a holy place for many people to choose to experience terror. There are various terror introductions on the Internet. Kunchi rock is a ghost hospital in South Korea. It was originally a prison, where many prisoners died, and then it was transformed into a mental hospital. This film is also quite popular in South Korea. So what's the score of Douban in Kunchi rock?

It is reported that the Douban score of Kunchi rock is 6.4. It's a bit of a contrast to word-of-mouth.

What's the score of Douban of Kunchi rock? 6.4? Is Kunchi rock really so beautiful

Netizen: great disappointment! Korean people really haven't seen the world, they are praised! Copy a crowd of fake records horror film, do not say, still can not move the essence! Human design is a big failure, 80% of the play is useless! There are several branch lines that are very poor. The whole movie is almost no creativity, no extension, no details, no foreshadowing. The scary way is boring, and the performance is funny! I don't know what I'm looking at

Netizen: for my heavy mouth fans who dig all over the world for cuts and horror films, this mysterious trick is really too small. I haven't been scared in the whole article. I spent 90 minutes and 60 minutes chatting and building machines, and then I started to work 30 minutes later. It's the best game for the lens to follow the flashlight light source. The atmosphere is congealed and has the effect of holding my breath, but it's still a European and American movie game The rest of the stem, the expected results are all in the material category, can be said to have no surprise.

Of course, Douban is also poor in the evaluation, there are also good reviews, but everyone said that it is bad place, is the 'foreplay' so unknown. On the Korean portal naver, "Kunchi rock" scored 7.6 points, and many South Korean netizens called wildly for the film.

In 2012, CNN selected seven of the world's most creepy places, including Chernobyl amusement park in Ukraine, Czech bone church, Japan's aomuhara forest, West Africa witchcraft market, Mexico doll island and Japan's end Island (that is, the end island in the movie warship Island). Kunchiyan mental hospital ranks first. Similarly, it is located in the new daili kunchiyan mental hospital in Yanyi, Kunchi City, Gyeonggi Province, and the first of the three ghost houses in South Korea. Many South Korean netizens shudder when they hear the three words of Kunchi rock, because the real horror lies in its true historical story.

At the same time, the film also achieved the highest box office performance of the first week of local films released in South Korea in March of each year. The speed of breaking through one million person times in five days of release is the fastest this year, and it also set the fastest record of breaking through one million person times in Korean horror films released in the past decade.

Compared with the introduction of horror films, the speed of Kunchi rock breaking through one million person times is faster than that of Zhaohun (2013), which has the highest box office record of introducing horror films (breaking through one million person times in 9 days, totaling 2.26 million person times), which is equivalent to the speed of escaping from Jue Ming Town (breaking through one million person times in 5 days, totaling 2.13 million person times).

It's so popular in South Korea, but it doesn't let you get points at home. Maybe it's related to the environment and cultural differences. Of course, the front of Kunchi rock is really too long. In fact, Xiaobian also saw that, indeed, a little bit in order to create a horrible effect is quite horrible.