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Mother's Day blessing message 2018 mother's day wechat blessing speech complete

Mother is the person who gives us life and accompanies us to care for us. So mother is the greatest person in the world. This year's mother's Day is coming. How can we express our blessing to mother? Let's take a look at these blessings.

Mother's day wechat blessing complete

1. Thank you, mom. It's you who gave me life and selfless love that made me who I am today. I sincerely wish you a happy mother's Day!

2. The autumn of your life is the color of maple leaf, not the spring light is better than the spring light, when it's frost season, but it's particularly lively.

3. All the missing, more integrated with endless gratitude and admiration, wish your festival full of bright, safe.

4. Without you, there would be no me. There would be no sorrow of my winter and winter. There would be no laughter of my spring, summer, autumn and winter. Thank you for all the wonderful things and growth in my life. Happy mother's Day!

5. In the world, only mother is good, no heaven, no earth, no you, no me. Thank you for all you have brought to me. I love your mother.

6. Although you have worked hard all your life, your hair is as white as snow, but you are still so young and beautiful in my mind! Mom, I wish you always young, healthy and happy!!!

7. Mother: the calloused hands have my happy childhood; the gray temples have my growing footprints! The distant mother, you are my only concern! I wish you happiness forever.

8. Maternal love is like four seasons, spring is the warm season; summer is the growing season; autumn is the tired season; and winter is the happy season. Four seasons are changing, spring, summer, autumn and winter, never stop, and maternal love is just like this, never stop.

9. Although you've worked hard all your life, you are still so young and beautiful in my mind! Mom, I wish you always young and happy!!!

10. No one in this world loves me more than you, and no one in this world can replace you in my heart. Mom, no matter where I am, I will always love you.

11. Leave the troubles and happiness to me, the hardships and happiness to me, the toil and health to me, the pain and love to me, mom and mom, wish you a happy holiday!

12. The silver hair witnessed your labor for your children, the wrinkles witnessed your worry for your children, and the smooth hands no longer witnessed your diligence. Mother's Day is coming, just want to say to you: Mom you are hard, I love you!

13. Looking at mother's increasing white hair, her increasing wrinkles and her bending body, children have endless gratitude, but they all come together into one sentence: Mom! I love you!

14. If the sun doesn't come out, it's still sunny. If the stars don't blink, it's still bright. If the spring rain doesn't fall, it's still nourishing the heart. If the flowers don't bud, it's still full of spring. If life is not easy, it's still in a bright mood. Happy mother's Day!

15. On Mother's day, I send my blessing to my mother: I wish you a safe life, a happy life, a happy life, and I will love you all my life! Happy mother's Day!