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How Huang Jiaju died

How Huang Jiaju died today is the 24th anniversary of Huang Jiaju's death. Although the superstar has fallen for 24 years, his fans have never forgotten. His golden melody has been widely sung by the world. For the cause of Huang Jiaju's death, although it seems that he fell down from the stage and died, is it true? Let's take a look at it below! (this article is compiled by, reprinted and noted the source, original) Article link:

Huang Jiaju has always had an ideal that is to produce a pure music CD, but this idea can't be completed in Hong Kong, where all is based on economic benefits. For this ideal, Huang Jiaju went to a Japanese stage which he thinks is diversified.

At that time, how did Huang Jiaju know that he was on a road of no return? One of the reasons why Huang Jiaju led beyond band to Japan was that he was very dissatisfied with the current situation of Hong Kong music at that time.

In 1990, beyond put forward the main song "bisexual party". The Cantonese sense of "bisexual party" is to give some face to attend the party. In this song, Huang Jiaju satirized the pompous style of Hong Kong's entertainment circle.

In Hong Kong, singers don't sing and musicians don't compose. Every day, they go to parties, parties and variety shows. At that time, the so-called album was a little adaptation of European, American and Japanese songs and a cover song.

The idol packaging and operation of entertainment companies to stars make record companies become furnishings instead, and singers no longer need record sales to survive. Huang expressed his dissatisfaction with this. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

He believed that Hong Kong people should have the spirit of Hong Kong people and the songs of Hong Kong people. That is to say, from this time on, the music of beyond began to have subtle changes, and they began to jump out of the hurt spring and autumn and personal feelings that Hong Kong and Taiwan music used to have.

Pursuing ideal, advocating freedom, reflecting social status and current events have become the theme of beyond songs. "There is no music in Hong Kong, just entertainment," Wong said in an interview. 'this immediately caused a great stir.

This sentence also offended many people in the circle, so someone moved out of the underworld to deal with Huang Jiaju. In order to achieve the goal of killing Huang Jiaju without any trace, the underworld bought the personnel of Japanese TV station and deliberately set traps in terms of safety settings.

In fact, there have been many similar 'accidents' in Japan, and several of them have also happened on Fuji TV. Two members of the team fell from the high platform because they offended the people in the circle. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

After Huang Jiaju's accident, Japanese police also suspected that the TV station was colluding with the Mafia. After investigation, the police also found many suspicious points. One of the biggest doubtful points is that the baffle which was broken by Wong Ka Kui turned out to be a piece of plank used for filming. The hardness and foam plastics are no difference, even if the child can easily push it.

However, through further activities, the investigation was stopped without any reason, and the Japanese police finally concluded that the case was an 'accident', which brought it to an end. Since then, China has lost a very outstanding hall level rock singer.

Huang Jiaju wrote many of his own lyrics, predicting that he would die.

1. Lover was written to his lover in Hong Kong in Japan. He died in Japan. Look at the lyrics: I hope you don't have the fear to let me go now.

2. It can be seen from the lyrics in "conquering the demons of the heart" that "if the truth is clear, the life path will be left and right", and "the world makes people unconsciously that every decision can be fatal". (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

3. The lyrics of "boundless sky" forgive me for my unruly and unrestrained love of freedom in my life, and I'm afraid that I will fall down one day.