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IPhone 8 size exposure iPhone 8 configuration spy photo latest news summary

IPhone 8 size exposure iPhone 8 configuration spy photo latest news summary as the release date of the new iPhone is approaching, the exposure of the new iPhone is more popular. In addition to the news of the special edition for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone previously exposed, a foreign media has recently revealed the three dimensions of the iPhone 8. Let's take a look at it together!

On June 30, according to foreign media reports, Apple may have made great changes in the design of the iPhone 8, which was launched as the 10th Anniversary Edition. This is also confirmed by the latest information leaked from a very reliable source.

Onleaks, the source of the report, first revealed the iPhone 8 model, which is said to be a prototype 'obtained directly from the factory responsible for the production of the iPhone 8'. Together with foreign netizen tiger mobiles, he made a first-hand video of the iPhone 8.

The final result shows that the redesign of the new iPhone has a real beginning. The most prominent is the 5.8-inch high-resolution display. Although the front camera and sensor may look a little strange, the space in its IOS 11 function area is very large.

Then the three dimensions of the new iPhone were confirmed. The actual size of the iPhone 8 was 143.5 & times; 71 & times; 7.5mm, compared with 138.3 & times; 67.1 & times; 7.1mm for the iPhone 7 with a 4.7-inch display. The length, width and thickness of the iPhone 7 plus were increased, but smaller than that of the iPhone 7 plus with a 5.5-inch touch screen.

In addition, the front of the iPhone 8 does cancel the physical home key, and has a relatively narrow frame, while the back uses a vertical double camera design, and the center of the two lenses is equipped with LED flash, but the overall camera module bulge is still relatively obvious.

Techweb reported yesterday that the latest research released by Barclays shows that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a faster charging 10W power adapter, including a usb-c connector and integrated usb-c power supply chip. This means the 10th anniversary iPhone supports fast charging.

Cypress Semiconductor will supply apple with usb-c power chips. The analyst said the new iPhone's usb-c power chip will be the same as the latest 10 inch iPad pro.