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What's the matter with 18 people's Internet bar fights caused by "eating chicken" opening and hangin on May 2, Peng and Zhang, a 20-year-old operator in the Internet bar of Wanda Square, Banan District, Chongqing, rose from verbal conflict to group fight after the complaint that the network management was invalid. Finally, after a mass fight involving 18 people, four main involved persons, including Zhang and Peng, were detained by Banan police according to law, and the rest were released on bail for trial after administrative punishment. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

What's the matter with 18 people's Internet bar fights caused by Internet bar 'eating chicken' opening and hanging

Eating chicken causes many people to fight

Because of the chicken eating and hanging fight, the reporter interviewed Ke Yufeng, the police officer of Longzhouwan police station on that day. 'after 9:00 p.m. on May 2, we received the public alarm that there was a fight downstairs in an Internet bar. When I got to the scene, I found that the fight had stopped. '

Why do these people fight? The two sides of the fight at the scene were speechless all the time. Officer Ke and his colleagues took them back to the police station for investigation. Only then did they find that the cause of the fight was related to "eating chicken" and "hanging up": "Peng said that he went to the Internet bar to play" eating chicken "and found that Zhang at the next table was" eating chicken "and" hanging up ". So he complained to the network management and asked Zhang to close the plug-in. Unexpectedly, Zhang not only did not close the plug-in It also means that & lsquo; I hung up and didn't have a zone with you, so it doesn't matter if I can't line up. So Peng said to & lsquo; real Hammer & rsquo; Zhang. As a result, both sides called people to cause the final group fight. Finally Peng called 11 people, Zhang called 5 people, and there were 18 people in the fight. '

Judging from the results of the group beating, no one used the equipment, most of them were slight skin injuries, the most serious one was finger fracture. According to the information on the spot, the suspect of finger fracture accidentally broke himself when he hit someone & hellip; & hellip;

The group beating was actually caused by a 'real Hammer'

In the investigation of the case, one detail attracted the attention of officer Ke, that is, Peng and Zhang sent people to the scene, the main reason is actually a hot Internet word "real hammer".

Officer Ke told the upstream slow news Chongqing Evening News: 'after discovering Zhang's opening and returning, Peng once said that he wanted to & lsquo; real Hammer & rsquo; Zhang and & lsquo; real Hammer & rsquo; were actually hot words on the Internet. He wanted to report Zhang's opening and letting him be labeled by the official side (reporter's note: & lsquo; real Hammer & rsquo; means that we can't do something with strong evidence The nature of the change. Before that, the famous online Red & lsquo; five five year open (Lu Benwei) & rsquo; was because & lsquo; eating chicken & rsquo; was opened and hung by people & lsquo; real Hammer & rsquo; not only led to the closure of the game account, but also led to the loss of jobs in the later live studio. As a result, Zhang was a stranger and mistakenly thought that "real hammer" was to hammer him in reality, so he quickly called a relative and friend to set up a field and asked Peng to go downstairs to talk. Peng saw that Zhang called people, so he called people, but later both sides called more people. '

At the same time, officer Ke also disclosed that he found in the investigation that although people were called from both sides, they were still verbal confrontations at the beginning, but then an accident triggered a real fight: 'the people who were originally coming were all in the field, the two sides were just simple verbal conflicts, but later one of them came a person who drank wine and directly hit people, which led to a group fight, So after that, in addition to Zhang and Peng, the first person Zhang called and the first person who started were all detained by torture, and their fights caused bad effects. '

This is what I should do when I get hung up

Interestingly, as the case handler, officer Ke himself is also a "chicken eating" enthusiast. He likes to play this game with his friends when he has nothing to do. Therefore, he is quite dissatisfied with the behavior of "playing" and "chicken eating". All the people who want to see one another! 'but officer Ke sighed at Peng's' brave and righteous' behavior:' from a legal point of view, it's not illegal to open and hang a chicken, but it's illegal to fight. If someone opens and hangs a chicken in an Internet bar later, no matter what game it is, I hope everyone will give priority to forbearance and take a step back. 'if you can't tolerate the behavior of opening and hanging, what is the feasible way? Police officer Ke also gave his own suggestions: 'if you really can't stand it, you are advised to take photos and collect evidence at the scene, and then go to the official game forum to report and expose, so as to make sure that those who hang are banned. In this way, both sides will not contact, and it is not easy to cause disputes. '