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How to adjust the psychology of college entrance examination

How to adjust the psychology of college entrance examination the battle drum of 2018 college entrance examination has been sounded. Usually, before the examination, the school will give students a big holiday to relax and decompress. But after all, college entrance examination is a big turning point in life. Many students have poor psychological quality and don't know how to decompress. The following editor will give you some pressure reduction methods to help you!

Scientific work and rest

People's heart cannot be used for a day, especially not for a day. Because the heart is not used for a day, it is sluggish, but not for a day, it is thin. This sentence mainly refers to the combination of work and rest during the college entrance examination preparation period.

A person's work efficiency, acceptance of things, memory and thinking are closely related to his sleep. So college entrance examination candidates must ensure the quality of sleep.

In the last few days of the college entrance examination, candidates had better work and rest according to the schedule of the college entrance examination, so as to better adapt to the schedule of the college entrance examination.

A healthy diet

Diet therapy includes two aspects. On the one hand, scientific and reasonable diet can ensure the physical health of examinees and provide sufficient material and nutritional basis for examinees' super intensive mental work. This is the physiological guarantee for examinees to reduce psychological pressure. For example, vitamin C can reduce the psychological pressure. Carrots can speed up the metabolism of the brain and help memory. Regular chewing of such foods as peanuts and cashew nuts is helpful to restore physical strength and reduce fatigue.

Self confidence

Under the great pressure of college entrance examination, most college entrance examination examinees will lack self-confidence. Therefore, in this special period, college entrance examination examinees should eliminate their ideological concerns and enhance their self-confidence. The college entrance examination is no different from the previous big and small examinations. Instead, it is more scientific, objective and fair. As long as the preparation is sufficient, there is no problem in getting good results. In the last few days of the college entrance examination, it is very important to enhance the self-confidence of the examinees. Sometimes self-confidence decides everything.

Strengthen physical exercise

Scientific research has confirmed that some breathing exercises, such as jogging, swimming or temporarily leaving books and walking outdoors, watching spring and autumn, listening to cicadas and birds singing, and being in the embrace of nature, can greatly increase people's confidence and help better meet the college entrance examination.

In the last few days of college entrance examination, increasing exercise is good for college entrance examination. In the last few days of college entrance examination, the examinee will be a little nervous and will consume the examinee's physical strength. Therefore, proper exercise in the last few days of college entrance examination can increase physical strength and face the college entrance examination better.

Self motivation

Motivation can make people break out an internal motivation and move towards the expected goal. William James, a psychologist at Harvard University, found that an inspired person's ability can play to 80% - 90% & hellip;. Therefore, in the last few days of the college entrance examination, self motivation can be properly carried out, which can increase the possibility of success of the college entrance examination.

Laughing at the examination room

Psychological research shows that human expression and human inner experience promote each other. The experience of laughter and self-confidence is consistent, mutually reinforcing, full of confidence makes people smile, smile makes people more confident. Smile before and during the exam, and you will feel confident. In the examination room, when the students smile, they will encourage each other to greet each other. When the invigilator teacher smiles and says hello, the teacher will naturally say hello to the examinee, so that the strangeness and tension of the examination room will disappear and the sense of psychological security will be acquired.

Self decompression

Before the test, reduce the psychological expectation goal, do not always think that you must enter university, enter famous university. To know that college entrance examination is only one stage of life is not all. As long as we treat the examination with ordinary mind, we will win if we give full play to our own level. How to deal with review and examination is very important to enter the best state. If we regard review and examination as a kind of challenge, we will stimulate ourselves to enter the state quickly; if we regard it as a kind of exercise, we will invest in it with a peaceful attitude; if we regard it as an opportunity, we will meet it with a positive attitude.

Keep normal

No matter what the final exam result is, please keep a common mind. The old saying is: 'don't be happy with things, don't be inferior to yourself'. If the exam result is ideal, you should prepare for the upcoming college life, learn college courses in advance or recite College English vocabulary, etc., and strive to be a leader in the college campus. For students who don't get the ideal score, you should also Don't be discouraged. You should get out of the sad and disappointed mood as soon as possible, and analyze the problems in the review of the whole college entrance examination, so as to prepare for another battle in the next year. In a word, keep an ordinary mind and face all possible things calmly, so no matter what kind of good or bad situation you will encounter in the future, you will be able to take it calmly and finally reap the best fruits of life.