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The whole process of making stars

The whole process of making stars

Four seas network: uncover the whole process of red Factory star making! In recent years, with the explosive growth of all kinds of live broadcast, online Red anchors are also emerging in an endless stream. When an online anchor is the fastest shortcut to online red, do you know how online red is fried? Let's take a look at the whole process of online Red Factory star making!

Er Xuan is a Shandong girl born in 1999, but she is the anchor of 10000 fans on Huya live platform. It only took two Xuan a month from the first broadcast to having 10000 fans. On the day of the broadcast, her fans will 'brush' gifts worth 700 to 1000 yuan every day. Of the 1000 yuan, 550 yuan is from the live broadcast platform, and the remaining 450 yuan is owned by Er Xuan and her agency.

Online Red anchor can create revenue, and the promotion of brokerage company and live broadcasting platform plays a great role.

The live platform is also the darling of capital. In May 2017, panda live announced a round B financing of RMB 1 billion. Before that, pepper live and Huya live also received financing of RMB 100 million.

If we compare online red to commodities, the live broadcast platform is the shopping mall, and the brokerage company is the assembly line for mass production of commodities. Through the promotion methods of new and old anchors, such as connecting wheat, exchanging gifts and buying hot ones, the brokerage company 'made' tens of thousands of Er Xuan. With the increasing number of live broadcast platforms, the cost of training a famous online celebrity is also higher and higher.

'there are more and more diversified channels for cashing in. As long as you have fans, chances are easy. "Said a live industry practitioner.

Ordinary people's online dream

One month's' earn '1500 yuan, gift only has 1000 base salary

According to the data listed in the post-95 enigma employment view by, 48% of the post-95 people choose not to work, and 54% of the most aspiring new jobs choose to be anchorman and netred.

With the popularity of the live broadcast platform, young girls and boys like Er Xuan have invested in this vigorous' star making 'campaign, hoping to be the next online star.

Xu Xiaojia, a Hebei girl (not her real name), is in her third year of college and wants to be a part-time online celebrity. Through a friend's introduction, she went to Beijing to work as a part-time agent in an online red company.

According to the agency's recruitment notice, Xu Xiaojia's monthly income can exceed 20000 as long as she broadcasts live for two to four hours every day. 'it's very exciting. '

But when I started to work as a anchorman, Xu Xiaojia found that the publicity in the recruitment notice was just 'beautiful looking': 'the first month was the internship period, and the base salary was only 1000 yuan. The brokerage company asked me to complete at least 22 hours of live broadcast on Renren live platform every month, and realize 150000 & lsquo; star value & rsquo;, so as to get the base salary. '

In Renren live broadcast, 150000 stars means 1500 yuan, which is not easy for Xu Xiaojia, who is just entering the bank. 'it's true that there are people chatting with me, but there are very few people giving gifts. Many times, no one interacts with me, only one person can chat with me;. '

From June 1 to June 23, Xu Xiaojia broadcast live for two hours every day, and got a total of 50000 stars, only completing one third of the number required by the brokerage company. Seeing that the task of this month can't be completed, Xu Xiaojia was named by the boss in the anchor work group: 'Xiaojia, your makeup is very problematic, and the live broadcast background is not attractive. If you can't complete the task of this month, I can only give you a base salary of 500 yuan. '

Xu Xiaojia told the Beijing news that the boss had strict requirements for the anchor, such as not allowing Su Yan to talk about his emotional life during the live broadcast. There are 5 operators in the company who follow the anchor in real time. If they find that they violate the company's regulations once, they will be fined 50 yuan.

On June 22, a reporter from Beijing News applied for the job of Xu Xiaojia's brokerage company. After submitting a video profile, three photos and reviewing them, he was admitted as the anchor of the company.

The brokerage company promises to get a base salary of 1000 yuan after 22 hours of broadcasting every month, and 40% commission if fans' brush gifts'.

In order to make the "new" journalists enter the job faster, the company has specially carried out online "training": first trial broadcast, and then a trainer of the anchor answers questions to the new anchor and imparts experience.

The reporter of the new Beijing news then gave a trial broadcast on Renren live platform. During the trial broadcast, the number of viewers jumped from 0 to 211 in 4 minutes. Although the 'number of viewers' has been jumping, no one interacted with reporters. Only the' xxx 'displayed on the public chat screen from time to time enters the live broadcast room shows the traces of someone's activities.

According to the data displayed on the platform, during one and a half hours of live broadcast, there were 4365 people watching, 219 praises and a star value.

"The number of viewers and praise are false. Only those who enter the live broadcast room and the starlight value displayed on the public screen are real. "Said the anchor trainer.

According to my statistics, there are generally 10 candidates for the anchor, only 2 of them can really create benefits through live broadcast. "He Ming, who has his own brokerage company, told reporters after four years of ups and downs in the live broadcasting circle. According to this probability, the success probability of an ordinary person trying to become an ordinary online red is one fifth.

Professional anchor's' work '

From 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., when someone brushes gifts, they don't sleep

Compared with Xu Xiaojia, who works part-time, er Xuan is a professional anchor. Her working place is in the studio provided by the brokerage company.

In early May, er Xuan signed a contract with Shandong Yindu culture media Co., Ltd. with a base salary of 5000 yuan to become a professional anchor. The premise of getting the base salary is to live for at least 6 hours every day, and to complete the 'task amount' of 3000 yuan gifts given by fans on the live platform of Huya every month.

For ER Xuan, it's not difficult to finish the task: 'on the first day of the live broadcast, a fan gave me a gift of 600 yuan, saying it was my iron powder, and would always support me. Later, as I became familiar with the platform, I gradually saw that the number of fans increased from 200, 600 to 1000 every day, and finally reached more than 10000 subscriptions. The gifts that fans brush for me every day ranged from 700 yuan to 1000 yuan '.

The reason why Er Xuan's "anchor career" is relatively smooth is related to her previous experience of hosting programs.

Er Xuan's anchor style is "grounded". Generally speaking, she is chatting with fans, looking for other hosts, including Mai & lsquo; PK & rsquo;, and sometimes singing. '

On the afternoon of June 24, when I saw the reporter, er Xuan just woke up. "Yesterday, it was broadcast from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., later the day before yesterday, it was broadcast to 67:00 a.m. Some fans said that Xuanxuan didn't want to leave. I would play with them until dawn. '

"For the anchor, fans are the" God "and the source of money. At the beginning, the anchor has to try his best to please and keep fans. So if a fan says he wants to brush gifts for you, basically no anchor will refuse. Even if you are going to sleep, if someone says to brush 1000 yuan gift for you, do you still sleep? "Said one person who once worked on the live platform.

Different from Xu Xiaojia's hand-held mobile phone and the white wall of the dormitory, er Xuan's equipment is more 'professional': the camera in the studio is shot from top to bottom, the angle has been fixed, and there is a lighting board next to it.

Every time before the live broadcast, it takes half an hour to make up. Er Xuan said, "we must see the makeup effect from the computer. Generally, we need to make a base makeup, make a profile, use a repair stick to make the nose appear three-dimensional, and finally pay attention to the highlight. Some usually exaggerated make-up in the camera becomes light. '

Professional anchors also receive regular training.

Basically, they will be given a training before the live broadcast, and there will be a professional training every week after their entry. For new comers, the first thing to be trained is how to be familiar with the platform, how to maintain the state during live broadcast, how to communicate with fans, etc. after being familiar, we will have a special makeup artist to teach makeup. On the afternoon of June 24, Wang Xinhua, founder of Shandong Yindu culture media Co., Ltd., told reporters.

He Ming said that improving the online time is a necessary measure to pass the initial fans accumulation period. 'only by accumulating a certain amount of fans can the anchor achieve the & lsquo; critical value & rsquo;, that is, the anchor can get stable income from the gifts that fans brush, and reach the level that the platform can support her; at the same time, the fans of the anchor can recommend the anchor to their friends, so that the fans keep rising, forming a virtuous circle. '

Er Xuan has just been on the air for ten days, and her income is only a few thousand yuan, but her dream is to become a anchor in the middle and upper reaches of Huya platform. Some insiders told reporters that the number of fans of this part of the anchor varies from dozens to millions, and the monthly income can reach several hundred thousand yuan. 'if you want to quickly accumulate fans to reach the middle and upper level, you can only add more live time by yourself. '

In Wang Xinhua's view, many advertisements of "3-6 hours to cultivate people into online celebrities" in the market are too empty, and the fans of the anchor must accumulate little by little. "If an ordinary person wants to get into 10000 yuan per month, he must live for 8 hours every day, at least three months. In other words, 720 hours' hard training is needed in the early stage.

He Ming also agrees with this saying: 'after three months, the number of fans will be basically fixed. '

'even if the number of people is fixed, it doesn't mean that the anchor can always & lsquo; go with the wind and water & rsquo;. When I analyzed the gift reward curve of our company's anchor, I found that the gift reward of high-quality anchor will peak when the live broadcast time reaches 3 months, then slowly go up, and then decline when it reaches 6 months. During the 8-10 months of broadcasting, the anchorman often encounters a & lsquo; negative period & rsquo;. During this period, they can't stand the hard work of live broadcasting. They are tired of live broadcasting and leave many jobs, including many excellent anchormans. Li Yong, deputy general manager of Beijing Hongni culture media Co., Ltd., told the Beijing News.

At 3:00 a.m. on June 25, erxuan, who stayed up late for live broadcast again, sent a circle of friends: sleepy and sleepless. Can you feel that rush.

A minute later, Wang Xinhua, who also stayed up late, typed two words "no" under erxuan's circle of friends.

Uncover the secrets of netred 'factory'

Eat and live in the live room, and the monthly flow of platform gifts exceeds 500000

The living room of Er Xuan is about 6 square meters. In this narrow space, except for the computer, table, chair and light board used in the live broadcast, the largest area is the floor behind the chair, where she lives and eats all day.

Next to her is another anchor, Didi's studio. Didi's studio is a little bigger, with a purple bear at the back. The "luxury" studio is owned by Daji, the old anchor of the company. The room is covered with carpet, wallpaper and a sofa.

The layout of each studio is designed by Wang Xinhua himself. 'Daji spent about 3000 yuan on the decoration of this studio, and each studio was equipped with live equipment, such as computer microphone camera, which added up to 8000 yuan. '

Wang Xinhua's company is located in an office building. He has contracted half of the rooms on the 21st floor of the office building, one of which is his own office, and most of the other rooms are cut off to make a live studio for the anchor.

This is the "factory" in the eyes of ordinary people. This netred 'factory' is composed of several small rooms that have been cut off. A corridor in the middle can be seen through it. Each living room has a glass observation port on its door, which is convenient for the company's operators to observe the live broadcast status of the host.