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How do men choose perfume? 7 Rules for men to choose perfume

Perfume is not only a woman's patent, but a man's use of perfume can embody the unique charm of perfume. Men use perfume to give people a clean and pleasant atmosphere, and at the same time increase their personal charm. How can men choose their own perfume? Let's study together.

Choosing the right perfume should follow the following points:

1, first of all, the packaging of perfume is very important. Every major brand takes great efforts to make packaging design. Believe me, a perfume that does not attract you at all, even if the taste is wonderful, you will gradually forget it. Perfume is a good mood for people. Of course, it is very important. Besides, many perfumes are packed with portable small packages, which are more suitable for carrying.

2, men's perfume generally only two kinds of concentration, EDT (EaudeToilette, Eau De Toilette, 5-10%) and EDC (EaudeCologne, Cologne, concentration 2-5%) two kinds, generally speaking, EDT can retain fragrance for three hours or more, more suitable for autumn and winter use, and EDC retention time in one to two hours, more suitable for summer.

3, before you choose perfume, you can recall your favorite natural flavor, the ripe citrus fruit ­, the salty sea breeze ­, or the jungle ­ with mist in the morning. When you confirm the taste you like, it can help you narrow the selection and save time.

4. As for the time to smell and test the fragrance, it's best to choose in the morning, during which the smell is the most acute; it's better not to eat when you are full or when you are completely empty. After full eating, the smell will become dull, and the smell of the fragrance on an empty stomach will make people sick.

5, the courage to try, the most fascinating feature of perfume is that it will blend with everyone's taste, so even if the same perfume is applied to different people, the effect is different, so don't just smell the test paper, but must spray it on the body to try it out. But try not to exceed three items per day, and you must wait until the previous perfume is not dispersed until you try the next one, otherwise it will make you feel confused and difficult to choose.

6, perfume is generally composed of the front, middle and rear three stages of flavor, the duration of the pre tune is generally not more than 20 minutes, and the most popular is the middle and back tones of the perfume. So don't buy it for the sake of a perfume before you try it. After shopping, you can go for a stroll, wait half an hour later, and appreciate the middle and the back of the perfume carefully. It's not too late to make a decision.

7, choose perfume should also pay attention to the use of occasions, if it is selected for day work occasions perfume, generous and light orange, green fragrance is more suitable, easy to create a sense of intimacy, party in the evening, bold and sexy Oriental tune, orange moss tune can be used freely, bring you elegant and mysterious feeling.