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What are the taboos of drinking milk in summer? Those people can't drink milk in summer

Milk has high nutritional value. Milk contains nutrients such as calcium that our body needs every day. In fact, it's hot in summer. People's bodies will also change with the environment. Let's see who can't drink milk in summer.

What are the taboos of drinking milk in summer? Those people can't drink milk in summer

Who can't drink milk in summer?

1. Those with excessive phlegm dampness:

For example, patients suffering from bronchiectasis or chronic bronchitis are having an acute attack, or patients without appetite or stomach fullness.

For a wide range of dairy products on the market, experts explained that the more fragrant the milk, the better. A small amount of milk added flavoring agent, eat more, but will affect the normal absorption, easy to cause fatigue. In addition, the sour, sour and sweet lactic acid drinks taste good, but the sugar content is quite high, drinking too much can make people fat.

According to the dietary guidelines of the Chinese society of nutrition, it is recommended that each person should drink 300 ml milk every day to meet the needs of the human body. Children and young people are more suitable for full-fat milk. Women can choose low-fat or skim milk to maintain their figure. The fat and protein particles of yogurt are smaller than milk, more easily absorbed, and have the effect of inhibiting harmful bacteria, adjusting intestinal function, and the effect of calcium supplement is better.

2. Weak stomach:

The patients with weak stomach function are those with digestive function deviation, easy to diarrhea or diarrhea.

People like to drink tea while drinking milk, which is more common in the South than in the north. In fact, this drinking method is unscientific, because milk is rich in calcium ions, and some components in tea will hinder the absorption of calcium ions in the gastrointestinal tract, weakening the inherent nutritional components of milk itself.

The vitamin B in milk will be destroyed quickly if it is exposed to sunlight, so it is better to store milk in a colored or opaque container and store it in a cool place.

Avoid using copper to heat milk. At present, copper is still used in some medium and high-grade tableware, such as copper hot pot, copper heating cup, etc. Copper can accelerate the destruction of vitamins, especially in the process of heating, copper has a catalytic effect on the chemical reaction in milk, which will accelerate the loss of nutrients.

Avoid eating oranges for 1 hour before and after drinking milk. Once the protein in milk meets the acid in oranges, it will coagulate, which will affect the digestion and absorption of milk. In this period, it is not suitable to eat other acid fruits.

3. Patients with food stagnation:

For example, patients who have recently been greedy for fried greasy or cold food, or drink too much.

4. People with excess nutrition:

Milk is rich in calcium. Drinking it before sleep can compensate for the low level of blood calcium at night and protect the skeleton. At the same time, milk has hypnotic effect, and drinking before sleep is good for sleep quality.