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What is the fault of Gree air conditioner? What is the meaning of Gree air conditioner fault code

Summer is the season with the highest frequency of air conditioning use, and it is also the time when problems are most likely to occur. How does Gree air conditioner display E6? In case of failure, the air conditioner will display some codes. If you know what these codes mean, you will know how to repair them.

Why Gree air conditioner displays E6

The digital code of E6 on the display screen of Gree air conditioner indicates that the air conditioner has internal and external communication failure, which may be caused by air conditioner crash, internal and external signal point leakage or breaking, circuit board damage, etc.

How to solve the fault code E6 of Gree air conditioner

1. It may be that the connecting wire of internal and external signals is broken. Replace the connecting wire of internal and external signals

2. If it is not the above fault, measure the power supply voltage of the signal port of the external unit board. If the voltage is between 3.0v-5v, there is no problem in the communication between the internal and external units of the air conditioner. The fault should be on the frequency conversion main board or the module.

3. If the measured signal port voltage of the external unit board is about 0v-1v, it means that the control circuit board of the indoor unit is in fault, and it is to be tried after replacement.

4. If the outdoor unit frequency conversion module is very hot, but the power supply voltage is abnormal, it indicates that there is a problem with this module, which needs to be replaced.

5. The outdoor fan turns slowly or sometimes does not turn, which indicates that the external fan is faulty. Replace it and try again.

6. If the outdoor fan does not work, the compressor will stop and display E6 when it is started. It may be that the main control circuit board of the outdoor unit does not supply power to the external fan. Check the SCR, relay or replace the main board of the external unit and then check whether the air conditioner is normal.

Gree air conditioner displays the fault of E6. When the air conditioner fails, some codes will appear. These codes correspond to the relevant faults. After we know the faults, we can repair the air conditioner in more aspects.

Other common fault codes of Gree air conditioner

Fault code E1: compressor high pressure protection

Cause of failure

1. There is an obstacle in front of the air conditioning condenser. 2. When the outdoor ambient temperature is higher than 43 ℃, refrigeration starts. 3. The control circuit is abnormal. 4. The high pressure pipe pressure is too high to make the high pressure switch act.

Fault code E2: compressor low pressure protection

Cause of failure

1. The cooling medium of air conditioner is insufficient. 2. The expansion valve is half blocked and the solenoid valve is faulty. 3. The filter is half blocked.

Fault code E3: evaporator freeze protection

Cause of failure

1. The indoor fan does not rotate or the air outlet is blocked. 2. The indoor ambient temperature is below 18 ℃. 3. The plug of the air conditioning temperature sensing pipe is broken. 4. The air conditioning control circuit is abnormal. 5. The plug of the temperature sensor is not plugged in properly.

Fault code E4: compressor exhaust pipe over temperature protection

Cause of failure

1. The compressor is aged after long use. 2. The air conditioning system is blocked. 3. The heat from the outside of the air conditioner is not well dissipated, resulting in the heat in the air conditioner.