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Does menstrual period drink brown sugar water pipe to use? Brown sugar water can't cure dysmenorrhea

Every month for girls, there are always a few days of agony, recently said on the Internet that brown sugar water can not cure dysmenorrhea. In fact, brown sugar water can warm the body, speed up the blood circulation of the body, and alleviate the pain caused by dysmenorrhea to a certain extent. Does menstruation and brown sugar water really work?

Brown sugar water can add some ginger juice to boil brown sugar water, which can nourish Qi, blood and liver, warm meridians and dredge collaterals. However, brown sugar belongs to hot food, which is good for women in cold food system and can reduce dysmenorrhea. On the contrary, if your system belongs to the hot and dry system, drinking brown sugar water is like adding fuel to the fire, causing women to bleed too much and face physical harm instead. Women with dysmenorrhea can eat more sour food, which can relieve pain to a certain extent.

In most cases, dysmenorrhea is caused by increased synthesis of prostaglandins in the endometrium. In addition, dysfunctional menstrual circulation or endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, pelvic congestion and other gynecological diseases can also lead to menstrual abdominal pain. Sun said that drinking brown sugar water and other methods are often suitable for women who are recovering after childbirth, which can help them relieve the contraction of the uterus. But for menstrual women, it's not very useful. Sometimes over eating sweets will increase their anxiety. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

In fact, for dysmenorrhea patients, diet therapy can play a better role in prevention and treatment. "Director Sun said that within 3-5 days before menstruation, the diet should be light and easy to digest. It is better to eat some food that is easy to digest and absorb, instead of overeating. When menstruation has come, it is necessary to avoid eating raw and cold food, hot pepper, green onion, raw garlic, pepper and other stimulating food, because it will stimulate the contraction of uterus and fallopian tube, thus inducing or aggravating dysmenorrhea. But also eat less bamboo shoots, cabbage and other cold food and fried, high calorie food. Try to eat as little as possible sweet or salty 'junk food', which is prone to bloating or sluggish.

Director Sun suggested that patients with dysmenorrhea can properly eat some sour food, such as pickled vegetables, vinegar, etc., which can relieve pain to a certain extent. If the menstrual blood volume is not much, you can also drink a little wine, which can activate meridians and collaterals, dilate blood vessels, relax smooth muscles, and have a good effect on the prevention and treatment of dysmenorrhea. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

How is the effect of drinking brown sugar water during menstruation?

Brown sugar has a warm and sweet taste, which enters the liver and spleen channels. It has the functions of Invigorating Qi, helping the spleen, nourishing blood and removing blood stasis. It also has the effect of dispersing cold and relieving pain. Therefore, women suffering from cold, blood stasis caused by dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia and abdominal cold pain, drinking some brown sugar water can often play a therapeutic and palliative role.

The glucose contained in brown sugar can release energy quickly, absorb energy efficiently and replenish physical strength quickly. Children with problems such as lack of middle Qi, inappetence and malnutrition can drink proper amount of brown sugar water on weekdays. Those who suffer from cold abdominal pain and are easy to catch cold when menstruation comes can also get rid of cold with brown sugar and ginger soup.