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Xiaomi 6x and Hongmi note 5 which is worth buying? Configuration comparison between Xiaomi 6x and Ho

After the release of Xiaomi 6x, a lot of rice noodles feel that the red rice note5 they just bought is a bit lost. So how different is the difference between Xiaomi 6x and red rice note 5? Which is worth buying? Today, Xiaobian will compare the configuration of Xiaomi 6x and red rice note 5 to you.

Indeed, from the perspective of core configuration alone, Xiaomi 6x is better than Hongmi note 5, including the more powerful Xiaolong 660 chip, three Sony CMOS and usb-c interfaces, as well as the lighter body and U-shaped antenna.

Considering the 6 + 64GB style, Xiaomi 6x is only 100 yuan more expensive than note 5. It seems that the former is a better choice.

However, there are also red rice note 5 after discussion among netizens, and the reasons are quite pertinent.

Back to the configuration, the battery of the red rice note5 is as high as 4000mAh, the main CMOS pixel area is 1.4 & mu; m, and there are infrared emission holes on the top, which are not as good as the Xiaomi 6x.

In short, for millet priced strictly according to cost and with net profit controlled within 5%, 6x and note 5 do not have the problem of which is more cost-effective. The key lies in the focus of consumers themselves.

If there are requirements for performance, comprehensive photographic strength and lightness, Xiaomi 6x is suitable; if it is just needed for long-range, infrared control appliances, it is definitely the best choice for Hongmi note 5.

According to the author's understanding, in fact, 1399 yuan 4 + 64GB red rice note 5 is the king of sexual price. What do you say?

The performance gap between Xiaolong 660 and Xiaolong 636 is actually small