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The Nobel Prize for literature cancels 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature

Sihaiwang: it's time for Nobel prize again. Recently, however, the Royal College of Sweden decided that the Nobel Prize for literature would not be awarded in 2018. What's the matter? Why does the 2018 Nobel Prize for literature cancel? Let's have a look.

Why the 2018 Nobel Prize for literature was cancelled

Previously, the Guardian reported that the Swedish Academy initiated a discussion on whether to cancel the award of this year's Nobel Prize for literature at its weekly meeting on April 26, as its involvement in the sexual assault scandal escalated further. "At next week's regular meeting, we may have a statement about whether there will be awards this year," said one of the academicians, Pell & Middleton Westberry, in an interview with the guardian on the 27th. If the Nobel Prize for literature is retained until next year, two Nobel Prize for literature will be awarded together in October 2019. '

The king of Sweden presented the 2017 Nobel Prize winner Ishiguro.

Sweden's Academy recently shocked the world with its involvement in sexual scandals and corruption. Five of its 18 members quit because they were dissatisfied with the Academy's handling of sexual abuse. Two other members quit for other reasons. Now, there are only 11 members left.

Since the Nobel Prize for literature was established in 1901, the Swedish Academy has stopped awarding it seven times, namely, 1914, 1918, 1935, 1940 and 1941-1943. Six times in the history of the prize have been postponed to the second year, each time because the Nobel Prize for literature selection committee believes that the writers nominated in that year do not meet the standards set in the Nobel will.