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How to wash white socks

How to wash white socks many friends like to wear white socks. They look clean and tidy. However, although white socks are good-looking, they are easy to get dirty. It is difficult to wash them again after they are dirty. Sometimes they can't wash them for half a day. What are some tips for cleaning white socks? Let's have a look.

How can white socks wash white

1. Washing powder and soap

After the white socks turn yellow, soak them in washing powder for about 10 minutes, wash them by hand and wash them for several times, then soak them in soap for about 5 minutes (do not put them in water, just put soap on them), then wash them for a few minutes, and finally wash them.

2. 84 disinfectant

When cleaning the white socks, drop a few drops of 84 disinfectant into the water, the dirty white socks can easily turn white, but be careful not to put the colored socks in to wash, otherwise the socks will fade. Also note that 84 disinfectant is corrosive and cannot be used frequently. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning.

3. Washing powder soaking

If the white socks turn yellow, soak them in detergent solution for 30 minutes before washing. You can also use washing powder for stain pretreatment, and then normal washing.

4. Rice washing water

The rice washing water we left in the process of rice washing is a natural detergent and decontaminant. If we put the dirty white socks in the rice washing water and soak them for 20 minutes, they will be easy to clean.

5. Bleaching powder

You can add some bleaching powder to the washing powder solution, then soak the white socks for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash them, which will make them cleaner.

6. Bicarbonate

Wash your white socks with diluted bicarbonate water to make them cleaner.

7. Hydrogen peroxide

Soak socks in 3% hydrogen peroxide, then scrub and rinse them.

8. Lemon juice

Add some lemon juice to the water to soak and clean it. The lemon juice has the functions of bleaching, cleaning and sterilization, so that your white socks will turn white quickly.

What should I pay attention to when I wear socks in summer

1. In summer, you'd better not wear shoes barefoot. If you are allergic to skin, you'd better choose thin cotton socks with good sweat absorption effect. Cotton socks generally do not cause allergy.

2. Don't wear stockings in summer, it will affect the body's perspiration and may cause skin inflammation. Women should not wear stockings for a long time, especially pantyhose. Some women feel upset after wearing silk stockings.

3. In summer, you should buy more pairs of shoes to wear. When you don't wear them, put them in a ventilated place to dry and keep them dry.

4. In summer, socks should be thinner so that they don't feel sultry. Socks should be changed every day. They will stink after wearing them for a few days. When cleaning, gently rub and rinse.

5. The stockings shall be cleaned immediately after passing through. During cleaning, the stockings shall be soaked in mild soapy water for a while, and mild neutral soap shall be used. The water temperature shall not exceed 30 ℃. The stockings shall be scrubbed by hand, and excessive water shall be sucked out by towel when drying, and the stockings shall not be exposed to the sun.

6. If you are wearing silk socks, you need to remove the ornaments and watches on your hands, and check whether your hands and nails are relatively smooth. If they are not smooth, it may cause the silk socks to hook.