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What should I do if I drink the water

In summer, mosquito repellent will buy mosquito repellent water for the baby. When he turns around, the little guy will take it up and drink it. What's up with the water? What's the problem? How to deal with it? Come and have a look!

Will you die drinking dew

Generally no dead people. Flower dew is not a highly toxic drug, so even if you drink a bottle of flower dew, you will not die, but vomiting and other symptoms are completely possible. There are two kinds of mosquito repellent ingredients in flower dew water and mosquito repellent water, one is DEET and the other is emenine. In comparison, imonin has lower toxicity and less irritation, and the content of DEET in flower dew water is very low, which has little impact on human body. If you drink too much by mistake, it is recommended to go to hospital for gastric lavage.

How about the water

1. It's OK to drink a small amount carelessly

If only a small amount of flower water is eaten by mistake, there will be no adverse reactions generally, because about 70% of flower water is alcohol, and all of it is alcohol. If there is no special discomfort after drinking, it doesn't matter. Drink more warm water and accelerate metabolism.

2. Be alert for large amount of misfeed

A large amount of intake may cause nausea, vomiting and cold sweat. Cold water will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause gastrointestinal discomfort after entering the stomach. In addition, some water contains mosquito repellent ingredients. Although the toxicity is very small, a large amount of water will bring adverse effects on the body. So, what to do?

(1) Drink boiled water

The flower dew water contains a lot of edible alcohol. The human body accidentally eats it by mistake. It is suggested to drink more boiled water to promote metabolism.

(2) Emetic

Use hard feathers, tongue depressor, spoon handle, chopsticks, fingers, etc. to touch the pharyngeal bow and the posterior pharyngeal wall to vomit. This method is simple and effective, and can also be used in the family.

(3) Eat the food for the sake of alcohol

As the flower dew contains more than 70% of the edible alcohol, it may be drunk after drinking the flower dew accidentally. It is recommended to eat some anti alcohol food to relieve the symptoms, such as honey water, sugar water, apples, grapes, celery juice, tomatoes, pears and other food to quickly metabolize the alcohol and relieve the 'Drunk' symptoms.

(4) Medical treatment

If you drink too much nectar, you will still have dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms after vomiting, drinking water and eating fruit. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment immediately, and you may need to wash your stomach. Because some flower dew contains mosquito repellent ingredients, which are slightly toxic and cause discomfort to the body, it may be related to this, so we need to see a doctor in time.

Tips: in a word, you can't drink dew. In summer, it's easy for children who are not sensible to drink dew, mosquito repellent and other things by mistake. Parents must place them properly. It's better to put them in a place beyond children's reach.

How about baby's water

It is not recommended for babies to use dew, especially for babies within 2 months. Because within 2 months, the liver detoxification, metabolic capacity is not perfect, wipe the flower dew easy to cause the accumulation of alcohol poisoning, so it is prohibited to smear. 2 months later, when using the flower dew, you should also dilute it with water 5 times before use, so as to avoid too high concentration or stimulate the delicate skin of the child. If you want to use the flower dew, it is recommended to use the special flower dew for children. You can drop a few drops of the flower dew into the bath water when bathing, which also has the function of mosquito prevention and prickly heat prevention for your baby.