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How to make a warm string with the same hairstyle

The warm string has been popular recently, which makes Zhang Han and Zhang Junning a hit on the screen CP. Zhang Junning's hairstyle is very beautiful in the play. It's estimated that it's discovered by many people. How does Zhang Junning design this hairstyle? Come and have a look if you are interested.

How to make a warm hair

Zhang Junning's hair style

Girls are most afraid of ironing short curly hair, because they will turn into a square dancing lady accidentally. Zhang Junning's playful wavy curly hair is full of personality, which girls want to have!

Warm string is played by Zhang Junning. As a white-collar worker, she combs her hair across her shoulders and straightens it. She only burns the end of her hair a little, and it's irregular. She combs it in the way of side face and ears. It matches with professional clothes. Her image and temperament are concise, elegant and noble.

How to make the same hairstyle of warm string

The clavicular hair left by Zhang Junning in the popular TV series "warm string" has the highest rate of appearance. The length of the clavicular hair is located at shoulder level, and the curl of the hair tail is made. The side bangs show a beautiful forehead, while the side bangs make a large curl fashion and decorate the delicate face. A delicate and connotative shoulder level clavicular hair is particularly suitable for the workplace, with a professional The sex clothing is also very good-looking, simple and fashionable, intelligent and capable.

In real life, Zhang Junning also likes this kind of shoulder length clavicular hair, and has stayed for a long time! Why does this shoulder length clavicular hair look like it's just like meeting each other? Because it mainly makes a large roll of s-roll shape, and the whole hair texture is full.

Good looking hair can't be separated from care, and the treatment method of keeping shoulder and clavicle hair is very simple, because it has been ironed out in the shape of a large roll of eversion s, so as long as the curling stick with a larger diameter rolls the head outward, blowing out the fluffy effect, it looks very good.

Warm string: Zhang Junning's shoulder length, curly turn over, short collarbone hair

In addition to Zhang Junning's shoulder length and valgus collarbone hair with different curl levels, the poster hair style in warm string is also valgus short hair, but the curl of the hair tail has changed. What's hot is valgus with large curl, which is fashionable and simple, but also has a gentle and feminine taste.

Warm string: Zhang Junning's shoulder length short hair

In warm string, apart from the two shoulder length short locks on Zhang Junling, there are also the shoulder length short hair with internal buckle and shoulder length short hair, which is also the right way for the goddess to open.

In fact, this hairstyle has been popular up to now, and it has always been worth noting that the shoulder lob head has a high rate of appearance in the workplace, showing the intellectual generosity of women in the workplace.

The radian of shoulder buckle can be easily changed when you are taking care of it. You can use a splint to clip out the C-shaped roll of buckle, or slightly roll the end of the hair, which is natural and feminine. Then the top of the head blows out fluffy, and a little fiddling is very natural.

Which satellite TV is playing the warm string

"Warm string" will be broadcasted in Golden Eagle theater of Hunan Satellite TV on April 1, 2018, with two consecutive episodes from Monday to Thursday at 20:00, one from Friday to Saturday at 19:30 and two on Sunday at 19:30.

The play is jointly produced by Jumei film and Guanda film and television, and tells the urban romantic love story of Zhan Nanxian (Zhang Han) and warm (Zhang Junning) from ignorant youth and pure love. After ten years of separation and twists and turns, they once again meet each other and break the mirror to reunite.

Zhang Han's "zhannan string" is a self-made elite geek, who has no distinguished family background, but relies on his unique talent to create his own business myth from scratch. He is affectionate and single-minded. He has been infatuated with the heroine Zhang Junning for decades to play "warm". In order to keep her beloved, he even set up a bureau with his own body to show his dark side and look forward to different performances from Zhang Han!