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What is the ending of Kunchi rock? Is there any ghost in Kunchi rock

What is the ending of Kunchi rock? Is there any ghost in Kunchi rock Recently, many people are talking about the movie Kunchi rock, a new Korean horror film without big stars and in the form of fake documentaries. Kunchi rock has defeated Spielberg's new film "No.1 player", which is not only the fastest local horror film in South Korea to break through millions of viewers in the past decade, but also the highest single day in the history of horror films Box office record, also known as the most terrible horror movie in South Korea in ten years. This film is the most horrible horror film. At the end of the film, there must be a lot of curiosity from the audience. The ghost in the movie is true or false.

The first floor and the second floor of Kunchi rock only have strange scenes, while the third floor and the fourth floor really have ghosts. On the third floor, there is a ping-pong table that has been cut off as well as the most haunted bathroom. After the introduction of all the floors, they held a ceremony in the dean's office. After the ceremony, something really strange happened. The candle suddenly went out, the bell rang, and the red line broke. But it's all just a fake of how many clicks the creative staff make. After the ordinary self disclosure, the real miraculous things will appear. The unique dolls that once appeared in the practice room have changed their status, and some people have picked them up, causing a team member to run out quickly, shouting and being scolded.

Although the doll's position is also an illusion, the team members who are about to break down once left their living signature on the wall, which led to 'suicide'. Put your hand into the cabinet of the collective practice room, but you can't pull it out. Your arm is covered with bloodstains. I opened the cupboard and found nothing. The scarf of the team member floated out of the air. High energy warning! After that, it began to frighten people, really frightening! In the most haunted bathroom, take back the strange loud noise, all the tools in it fly around, and people are dragged away by the 'air'. The two female team members who left Kunchi rock and wanted to return to the camp kept fighting against the wall. The team members in front suddenly became ghosts. But the remaining one bows his head to invent oneself to return to the hospital again, a ghost appears suddenly in the distance, ready to rush to him at any time. The rest of the people were sealed up in the baths, and the dead patients all died.

The picture goes back to the corridor of the hospital. Sheng Xu wakes up and is locked in the treatment wheelchair. He calls for help loudly. The wheelchair automatically turns to the rear slowly, and slides towards 402. The electric sound of collective groaning comes out again. When passing through the corridor, the camera passes through each ward. There is a face peeping out and whispering in the narrow window. Without accident, Sheng Xu was sent to 402. Since then, the living experience has come to an end. Back to the live host screen in the base camp, the comment page has the words of "directly broken when making a fake" and "make a good fake. When you say happy laughter, I know it will be like this" and such words of complaint.

The website page shows only 502 viewers. (the live broadcast never started! How sad) in the background of the page, women like virgins on the left and right stood up from their seats and shook twice and disappeared. The picture goes back to the six seats in the hospital without any abnormality. Back to the beginning, Charlotte put the holy water, the holy water in the box began to boil. At the end of the movie, you can see several ghosts in the building. The dead patients, doctors and nurses, and the Dean are all ghosts.

Not only did the film soon catch up with "top player" at the box office, but its reputation continued to crack, making it a classic film with a small cost. The film also achieved the highest box office performance in the first week of the release of local films in March of each year in South Korea. The speed of breaking through one million person times in five days of release is the fastest this year. At the same time, it also set the fastest record of breaking through one million person times in Korean horror films released in the past decade. Compared with the introduction of horror films, the speed of Kunchi rock breaking through one million person times is faster than that of Zhaohun (2013), which has the highest box office record of introducing horror films (breaking through one million person times in 9 days, totaling 2.26 million person times), which is equivalent to the speed of escaping from Jue Ming Town (breaking through one million person times in 5 days, totaling 2.13 million person times).

There are not many Korean horror films that have won the top box office. The last time this record was set was in 2007. Black house, starred by Huang Zhengmin, was released. In 2015, with exorcism as the theme, black priests, starring Jiang Dongyuan and Jin lungui, also won the title. However, Jiang Dongyuan mentioned in the audition that the theme of black priests was not actually Terror is terror.

From the current momentum of "Kunchi rock", it has a good chance to break the box office record of 3.14 million South Korean horror films released in 2003.