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What are the sunscreens with zero difference rating in 2018? What are the sunscreens with zero diffe unconsciously, summer is coming. Sunscreen can not only prevent you from dark skin, but also avoid skin aging. Don't just think that you should not sunscreen if you are white. When you are really old, you will regret later! Let's take a look at the sunscreen with zero difference rating in 2018!

2018 zero rated sunscreen Market

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What are the sunscreens with zero difference rating in 2018? What are the sunscreens with zero difference rating in 2018

The combination of physical and chemical sunscreen will dominate the shopping circle in summer

A high protective pronoun for everyone: sit firmly in the sun proof position; sweat proof and water-proof are more suitable for the occasion of exposure, such as military training, vacation, frequent repair, no sunburn

As a highly protective sunscreen, I think it's OK to use it. The coating liquid has a strong fluidity, can form a film quickly, does not rub mud, and is slightly white, but I think it will feel a little greasy and stuffy

So I don't use this one at ordinary times, and it's rarely used on my face to wipe my body. The alcohol content of the film-forming agent and sunscreen is also high, so it's very sensitive and fragile. I need to use it carefully on my face, but in general, it won't be a problem

Suitable for people: dry mixed oil skin

Suitable occasion: outdoor activities in summer

Shiseido glass sunscreen

Shiseido's high-end line, combination of physical and chemical products and sunscreen, the most expensive one, is just my favorite in winter and when the weather is not too hot

But it is also very moisturizing skin feeling, like rubbing lotion. This is a pale yellow cream that can not be done on Sundays. The quality of the cream is good. It does not feel stuffy or burdened. The burden is also matched with the makeup.

But the oily skin may feel too moisturized. There's another one that I see. Some people say that the American version will rub mud. This is the Japanese version. There's no such situation, so you should buy the Japanese version

Suitable for people: dry mix, dry mix and oil mix

Suitable season: spring, autumn and winter (it will be too wet if the oil comes out badly in summer)

RMK sunscreen

It should have been a little bit hot the year before last. Now it's quiet. It's the feeling of the gel that the sun block upper face is particularly clear and thin

It's suitable for summer. It's not white and alcohol. Obviously, it's cheap. Some people can rub mud and dry it. I don't have this problem. Let's consider it for yourself. I think it's very good to use it and there's no allergy

Suitable for people: dry mixed oil skin

Suitable season: all seasons are especially suitable for summer

Pola sunscreen

Before use, shake up and control the oil. It's very suitable for summer. It has strong fluidity, slight whitening and film formation. It doesn't rub mud, slightly control the oil, but it doesn't pull out. After all, it's a member of the pola family!

Suitable for people: dry mixed oil skin

Suitable season: all seasons, especially summer

Lancome touch BB sunscreen

And the following Lancome air sense series, but this is sunscreen BB with touch. I started with the one without touch, and it will be written below that I like it very much

So when I went to HK, I wanted to stock one, but the cabinet elder sister and I said that if I usually had a lot of plain face, I would buy a touch BB, which can even the skin tone, but I didn't want to buy it, but this one is a little bit uneven when my skin is dry or in poor condition, and it can also peel, but it's very beautiful when it's a little oily, so I think it should be very useful in summer!

Suitable for people: it should be mixed oil skin

Suitable season: it's unknown that summer hasn't arrived yet.

Biore sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen. It's just the thinnest and most moisturizing sunscreen in the world. It's really like using gel for a few times, just like using water

But!!! It's really sunscreen. Don't use it in summer for a long time. Don't ask me how I know it's suitable for daily commuting. Besides, I use it on my body to absorb it quickly

Suitable for: all skin types

Suitable season: commuting in all seasons is not suitable for outdoor exposure

Elise sun protection

The combination of physical and chemical sunscreen, which also appeared in my previous notes, is the silver tube whitening gold tube that I entered this winter to moisturize me

This is only whitening because I am not a big dry skin, but I don't like the fact that it is very good. It's very good for me. It's very suitable for my lotion.

Suitable for people: dry skin mixed with dry oil

Suitable season: spring, autumn and winter (oily skin may feel too moist in summer)

Lancome air sensitive sunscreen

Finally, to my favorite sunscreen, Top1 did not run away, and the large ones were empty. Several sunscreen lotions with physicochemical combination were really coated with rubbing emulsion 10 Fen as well. The degree of wetness is just good use. I really admire it!

I use it all the year round in winter, and I think it's just the right time for moistening. In summer, I don't think it's greasy and stuffy. It's not too white. It's not too heavy on my skin. It's also perfect before I use it!! I love my father Lancome very much!

Suitable for: all skin types

Suitable season: All Seasons

When you buy it, don't get it wrong with the front one

Ellie sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen, I think the super one in the Japanese cosmetics shop handy to think of to wipe the body cheap big bowl of emulsion texture will be turned into gel water is also very good wipe away.

It's almost the same as birou, but it's full of alcohol. Every time I wipe my neck, I feel like I'm going to be smoked, but it's not white, it's going to become a film, and it's going to wipe my body quickly and in large volume. It's really good

Suitable for: all skin types

Suitable season: All Seasons


Love to use sunscreen all year round Top1: Lancome's sense of air

Sun protection in spring and autumn and winter: Shiseido glass Yili silk silver tube

Love to use sunscreen in summer: pola and RMK before, but now use Lancome more because it feels better than the first two

Body sun protection: install sun proof gold bottle (outdoor exposure)

Birou blue pipe Allie sunscreen (outdoor during commuting period)

Eight mistakes of sunscreen

Myth 1: don't use sunscreen when the sun is not strong. There is no relationship between sunburn and outdoor temperature. The main cause of skin damage is ultraviolet in the sun, especially in June.

Myth 2: just go out for a while without sun protection. The UV is weak in the morning and after 6pm. At this time, you can only stay outside for a little while without sunscreen. But you have to apply sunscreen from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. when you go out, even if you stay outdoors for 2 minutes, your skin will be damaged.

Myth 3: white skin, no sunscreen. Sunscreen can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer. But if you don't use sunscreen and you're outdoors for 30 minutes, you're at the risk of skin cancer from smoking a cigarette.

Myth 4: no sun protection in rainy days. Clouds and rain can't absorb UV very well. Even if the cloud is very low and the UV is weakened, the skin will still burn.

Myth 5: sunscreen prevents the body from synthesizing vitamin D. The study found that after sunscreen application, the skin can still receive sunlight without affecting the synthesis of vitamin D.

Myth 6: a little sunscreen is enough. For adults, an average of 3 ml should be applied to each arm, 3 ml to the face and neck, and 6 ml to each leg, chest or back. If you are outdoors for a long time, you should reapply every 2-3 hours.

Myth 7: last year's sunscreen can't be used this year. Sunscreen usually lasts two years. If there is too much moisture or caking in sunscreen, it means it has gone bad.

Myth 8: don't go out without sun protection. Glass can block ultraviolet B (UVB), but not ultraviolet A (UVA). Therefore, as long as the sun shines on the skin through the glass for more than 10 minutes, it will also burn the skin. In addition, the ultraviolet ray can be refracted through the air, causing damage to the skin from different angles. Therefore, we should pay attention to all-round sun protection.