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What survival skills do peace elites have

What survival skills do peace elites have peace elite is a mobile game of this year's fire. It's hard to get chicken without good survival skills and shooting skills. Besides, it's also a kind of postgraduate examination for observation. How can peace elite survive to the end? Let's see the survival skills of peace elite.

For some careless and bold players, only by constantly obtaining equipment resources from the enemy's package can they continuously grow themselves. No matter where the package is, regardless of the risk, they will lick it when they finish. Although this kind of player thought is correct, but the practice is wrong. Getting equipment resources from the enemy's packages is the fastest way to collect equipment, but there are also potential threats when licking the packages. Some of the enemies will lie in the grass on the high ground and watch over the two enemies who are fighting fiercely. After killing the enemy, the mantis can't immediately lick the bag to avoid being attacked by the players.

After killing the enemy, find a nearby shelter to squat up and guard the package. If an enemy comes forward to lick the bag, it will be easy for him to kill.

When running in circles, it is inevitable to pass through an open area. In the open area, because there are no enemies, it is difficult to escape when they are found in such an area without buildings. In order to ensure safety, first use some sports drinks, improve the speed of running, and cross the open area as soon as possible. And when running in open areas, try to run toward places with trees or stones, so that there is a shelter to protect yourself after being attacked.

Only by paying attention to small details can we open the door to chicken eating. I hope you all know that this will help you to eat chicken as soon as possible.