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IPhone 8 first stock exposure iPhone 8 release time determination

IPhone 8 first stock exposure iPhone 8 release time determination the launch of the new iPhone is known as the Spring Festival Gala of the technology circle, and Apple will launch the latest iPhone every autumn. This year is the 10th anniversary of the birth of the iPhone. According to the prediction of people in the circle, apple is most likely to skip the regular upgrade of the iPhone 7S and distribute the iPhone 8 directly. When will the iPhone 8 go on sale?

According to foreign media DIGITIMES, due to the problem of OLED panel capacity, the stock of iPhone 8 was only 3-4 million when it was released. This has come, want to buy after the conference is impossible, as for the end of the year can buy are difficult to say..

IPhone 8 design drawings flowing out of the Internet

Previously, cook expressed in an interview with the media that "due to the excessive reports on the new generation of iPhones, users' attention has turned to the new ones, so they have lost the desire to buy the old ones". In combination with the fact that the sales volume of iPhones this year is lower than that of the same period last year, new products are needed to stimulate users' desire to buy. ".

This year's WWDC global developers conference will be held in San Jose on June 5, when the next generation operating systems such as IOS 11, Mac OS 10.13, watchos 4 and tvos 11 will come out. WWDC is a press conference focusing on software and system. Generally, few hardware products ask the world. Therefore, I think the news that Apple released iPhone 8 on WWDC is not very reliable.